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A day at the zoo

We were all set, after losing last Saturday to the half marathon and the Saturday before that to grape pruning and moving dishes, to make sure to get some chores done today! Instead, we went to the zoo. But it was awesome.

Steve called this morning to see if we were ready to go grocery shopping, and then he said that Sarah and Logan were going to come along afterward to go to the zoo and do we want to come? We've been here eight years, and people keep talking about the zoo and everything, and yet we've never been. So now we finally had a chance to go, and forget chores, we're going to go, darnit!

I was all ready, since I take my camera with me everywhere anyway, and I was taking pictures like crazy! I photographed everything! ...Until the camera's battery died. I was so bummed out. There I was, trying to take a picture of the Zazu bird (the hornbill, Athena tells me), and suddenly the battery icon starts flashing red. I kept trying, but eventually the screen just blacked out and gave me a message about replacing the battery pack. Boo. So I didn't get to take any pictures during the tiger talk, which is awful because tigers have been my favorite animal since I was like four.

But there were some cool happenings. We took Logan to feed the giraffes. We had been told that attempts had been made in the past to let Logan feed the giraffes, but he got scared and started crying. But this time! he was good and didn't cry at all, even when the giraffe licked his hand! I like to think it's because we told him the giraffes are nice, and that we would all be there with him. He was looking pretty uneasy about it before then. But it might have been because there was another kid about his size that fed the giraffes before him.

Other than the fact that we were surrounded by animals and it was awesome, the main thing worth writing about happened in the reptile house. We were just going through, looking at each of the reptiles in turn, and Sarah and Logan got to the iguana terrarium, so Sarah said, "Look at the lizard!" Apparently the iguana was pretty energetic today, because before we got to it, somebody was talking about, "Whoa! It just jumped from one branch to the other!" I was sad that we missed it, so when we got to it, I was really hoping it would jump again. And it did! Right at the glass! Aaaaahh! And it crashed and fell, poor iguana. Sarah said she was a little offended, and that it was mad at her for calling it a lizard. I was just nervous about it maybe breaking the glass, because there are some highly venomous animals in that reptile house, and the idea of them breaking out and being on the loose is a little terrifying.

As I said at the zoo, I'm not afraid of snakes because they're snakes. I'm afraid of certain snakes because they can kill me in very quick and painful ways. Boa constrictors, for example, don't really scare me, though, even though they could kill me, too, because I like to think if it showed signs of constricting me, I'd notice them and be able to get away (unless I was wandering through the jungle and it dropped out of a tree on top of me; that's one of many reasons I don't wander through the jungle (the main one being, of course, that we don't live anywhere near a jungle)). A cobra, on the other hand, just has to strike once, and it only takes a split second. Athena says you probably could survive a cobra bite if it wasn't too close to the heart. But the first venomous snake we saw was a mamba, and those things are really scary. It was in an enclosure with a gaboon viper (or something like that), which is also highly poisonous, but a little fascinating to look at, because it's really fat.

The whole thing made us want to resubscribe to Wildlife Explorer.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to go to the zoo, getting to see giraffes sitting down, getting to see the iguana jump (and it not breaking through the glass), getting to see a lot of animals from Polar Bear Cafe (a grizzly bear, an anteater, llamas, tapirs, wolves, a tiger...none of the main ones, but they did have plushes at the gift shop), and not having to worry about boa constrictors dropping out of trees on me.
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