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We were sitting down eating pita chips for lunch when there was a knock at the door. I was so excited! I dropped my pita chips and jumped up to get the door! ...But then I remembered that our Amazon Japan order was coming more slowly than we thought, and I had to tell myself to calm down, it's probably our manga from Kinokuniya or some other thing we forgot we ordered.

But I opened the door, and lo and behold, it was my best friend in the whole world! The DHL guy! The only place we knew of that uses DHL is Amazon Japan, and sure enough, the box said on it! And so I was tempted to blow everything off and spend the rest of the day attempting to play the super fancy arrangements of Kingdom Hearts music. But responsibility prevailed, and we finished work first. We haven't even opened the package, so we have no confirmation that it even has what we ordered! But it should have fancy Kingdom Hearts music and standard editions of Koe no Ouji-sama CDs! That's right, we had to buy second copies of the CDs, because we got the deluxe editions first, but the standard editions each have one song that's not on the deluxe editions. Stupid evil marketing schemes. But now we have them! Ha HA! ...Eh heh.

Still, we were technically supposed to get our manga from Kinokuniya today. I wonder if that's why I saw a FedEx truck drive off when we were coming home from counseling yesterday... We may have to go track that package. But in the meantime, Kingdom Hearts! Koe no Ouji-sama! Woohoo!

Today I'm thankful for getting our shiny package, having a fun time playing charades at Thursday Night Activity last night, getting a ride home from TNA, everybody liking the refreshments we brought, and getting to take home the leftovers.
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