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So not the drama

We've been carefully tracking our package from Amazon Japan, and it recently left Hong Kong. Maybe they're not using the fastest method after all. I did notice that it didn't cost as much as the items we were ordering, so...

In other shipping related news, we got the package from badtzphoto containing the English volume two of The Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko. Now we have to decide if we should go ahead and read it, or if we should wait until the Japanese copy we ordered from Kinokuniya comes along. We weren't sure if they'd be able to get it or volume three, so we ordered both just in case, and they shipped it a few days ago. Since we were so desperate to order Kingdom Hearts sheet music, we were prepared to order Warau Kanoko-sama along with it, but it turns out we didn't have to.

Anyway, this week is kind of a reviewing type week. We watched the live action Ouran High School Host Club drama last night.

It was alright. I mean, of course it was funny; it had great source material. But we watched three episodes last night and two of them were pretty close to what happened in the anime, and somehow we didn't get to know the characters as well in those same episodes. I wonder if that's because in the anime, they want to focus on talking without moving, while in a live action show, they can have a lot of moving without talking. In anime, the one is cheaper, and in live action, maybe the other is cheaper. Ah, the economics of show business. But the point is, if I wanted to watch the anime, I would just watch the anime, so don't go having the same episodes over and over.

In fact, they actually didn't. The third episode was (almost) all new! To television anyway. It was the story from the manga about Ayame Jounouchi--the girl with the Very Straight Hair who hates Tamaki. And I think they did a really good job on it, and Ayame was cast very well. But I don't see the point of blending that with the whole dance party incident. I guess that was a very popular scene...which seemed to make more sense in the anime, because you can use banana peels in cartoons.

As for the main's hard to say, because they don't seem to get to be in it very much. It's really weird. They all seem to play their parts really well, especially Honey, who is just so very adorable. Although it is strange to hear a real male voice coming from that character. They added a thing where he can make himself smaller, so they've got another little kid for when he goes around riding on Mori's shoulders.

We're a little extra critical of the Hitachiins. They seem to get really into the "brotherly love" scenes, which is probably a big bonus for a lot of people, but not us so much. And then they're a little inconsistent, because when they lean on each other during their more platonic moments, it seems off, like maybe the attitude is, "The director told me to lean on your shoulder." And they don't talk in stereo nearly as much as they do in the anime, which, frankly, is much more realistic but a lot less fun. (Though to be fair, that might just be because they don't talk as much in the drama, period.) We really admired how in-sync the voice actors were in the anime.

As for everyone else...they're pretty good, I think. It's a little hard to tell, but you can at least tell that the guy playing Tamaki is really into the overdrama, and Nekozawa is kind of hilarious. He's probably in it the third most (after Haruhi and Tamaki). And Kyoya is always carrying his tablet, which he uses to show everyone why their various ideas won't work, or why he owns their souls. All in all, it's pretty fun so far. We'll see how we like the rest of it. We caught a minute of the fourth episode, and saw all of the wonderful Miyabi merchandise they made for props. We'll see how Renge holds up.

Today I'm thankful for the beautiful weather we got to enjoy walking to and from the store, getting to watch the Host Club tv drama, finishing the translation we were working on despite our interrupted schedule, Badtz being kind enough to supply us with manga continuations, and having yummy treats to take to Thursday Night Activity.
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