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Braving the Amazon

Sometimes, you want something badly enough to make an order from Amazon Japan. But you still want to say to them, "No, Amazon Japan. It's okay. I don't need it in two days. I can live a week or two without it, I promise." But I admit, the thought of having it superfast! is super exciting.

What's so important, you ask? Sheet music. We've been listening to our Kingdom Hearts piano collections, and every time I hear them, I just want to play the pieces so bad! And I don't have the patience to figure it all out by ear. But I do have the money to pay for sheet music...and shipping from Amazon Japan. We actually probably could have gotten it from Amazon not Japan, but they only had it used and for about twice as much, so it would have cost the same ultimately, but it would have been used. If I'm going to pay ridiculous amounts of money anyway, I want it new!

There's just something about the Traverse Town music that's so...homey, I guess. For us, anyway. It just feels safe. And like Disneyland. And the piano solo version of it is so cute!

Anyway, thoughts of Amazon Japan and going to the dentist this morning were kind of the opposite of helpful in getting any work done today, so we didn't make as much progress as we'd hoped, and then to add to our "Where'd all the time go!? Aaaaahhh!" feeling, the mail carrier knocked on the door today with not one, but two packages full of shiny. The Disney Movie Club was having a sale, so we got a bunch of movies... oh right! I wanted to mention one of them!

See, we were buying a bunch of Disney movies because they had a sale going on, and we were like, "We want one of the old live action Disney movies!" because those are quite a lot of fun. So we're browsing through their whole selection of old live action movies, and there's Rascal the Raccoon! To be honest, we don't have a lot of memories of My Heavenly Hockey Club (although we do have some scars from volume ten, which Del Rey never published, but we translated a long time ago), but one thing we remember is Oscar the Wild Bear. This was a parody of an old anime called Rascal the Raccoon (in English). In Japanese, the word for raccoon is "araiguma," which can also mean "wild bear," so Ai Morinaga played on that to make her parody. Then she made up a theme song, so we had to find the original theme song to see how closely they matched, and so we saw either an opening or ending sequence of this old anime. Also, when we saw the Animal Actors show at Universal Studios, a raccoon walked across the stage, and Kyoya saw it and said, "Ah! Araiguma! Rascaluuuuu!"

But before it was an anime, it was a Disney movie! (Probably based on the same book.) So when we saw it, we had to get it! And now we have it! Tadah! (Well, theoretically we have it. We haven't opened the package yet, and the Disney Movie Club has mixed up our orders before.)

The other package was from CD Japan, and should contain the live action Host Club drama. It's been a live action kinda shopping spree. (But we also have (assuming our order wasn't mixed up) Chicken Little, The Black Cauldron, and the latest Tinker Bell movie. Peter Pan will be coming separately.)

In other news of the day, our trip to the dentist has us afraid to eat ever again. But I guess that's what happens when you don't go for a year after deliberately not scheduling appointments for fillings. (Today was just a cleaning. But of course they want to fill all our cavities. Why is it so expensive?)

Today I'm thankful for Gaston driving us to the dentist this morning, getting a fair amount of work done despite the circumstances, having a bunch of shiny new DVDs to watch, getting to wake up to Miyu Irino singing Under the Sea, and getting to order shiny new Kingdom Hearts sheet music.
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