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I agreed to participate in a survey about TV viewing habits that involved keeping a TV journal, or so it said, so when we were watching TV today, I was taking more careful mental notes so I could write proper TV journal entries. Then it turns out the "journal" is just a few questions about, like, when I watched TV and what kind of device I watched it on. I like that it was so easy to make the journal entry, but now I have all these thoughts about Once Upon A Time with nowhere to go.

I think my biggest question about this episode, which really isn't about this episode specifically but about the show in general, only I didn't realize it until this episode, is, If Regina loathes Snow White with the deep, seething loathing she's claimed to have for the entire show, why in the world is all her decor black and white with a touch of red? Does she just want a constant reminder that she hates Snow White? Because A)that's not a healthy way to live, and B)does she really need one?

Anyway, the show was pretty much itself, only a little extra artsy with the whole black and white Frankenstein World thing. Athena points out that every time they shone a light that wasn't one of the studio lighting lights (like fire, lightning, etc.), there was a little bit of color. Maybe that's the real reason Gerhardt was so afraid of that candle. "The color! I can't take it!" Athena says she was like, "Hey, when the lightning flashed, his face was a little face-colored." What I noticed is that when Frankenstein was talking to Stiltzy, he didn't really seem to be looking at him, like maybe he wasn't actually there when Franky was filmed... I did have to wonder, though. If Rumpelstiltskin is still in color in Frankenstein's world, how come Frankenstein is in color in every other world?

This time the illogical decisions could at least sort of be explained (I'm thinking normally Stiltzy would realize he couldn't rush things with getting people's memory back, but since he actually cares about Belle and is all panicked about losing her, he's lost a little of his reasoning powers and composure, for example), until the end. Okay, it was pretty obvious that that's where they were going to go with it, so it wasn't actually the end when the illogic happened, but that's when it was revealed, and here's the thing. If someone's driving along the road, they see some bright flashes like a magical duel or something, and then immediately get into a car wreck, chances are they're going to think they dreamed the whole magical duel thing.

Even if they're really level-headed and completely certain that they were Definitely Awake and not imagining things that might be caused by such things as heavy impact to the head or anesthesia, they're probably going to say, "That was really weird. I wonder what it was," and find some "scientific" explanation for it. Most likely they're not going to think, "Hey, I just saw real live magic! I'm going to tell the world and be famous for my discovery!" And if they do think that, then how likely is it that the people they tell will believe them? Seriously. At the very least, I think he probably wouldn't have assumed that Emma was in on the whole thing and lied to her about whether or not he saw anything (although she was acting a little suspiciously when she was trying to get the info out of him, so there is that).

We also watched The Middle, which is divided between "Aww, that was nice" episodes and "Why you gotta make me hate the world more?" episodes. Last week's episode was the latter. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for Kinokuniya's shipping ninjas, receiving unexpected endorsements on LinkedIn, reminders not to get cocky, having ingredients for chocolate fondue (even if we really ought to wait to make more), and having Brownie Points desserts from Fresh & Easy.
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