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Goin' on a trip

Today was one of those days that felt like we didn't have any time, and yet we spent all day reading manga and watching Elephant Princess. We also did laundry! It was good, though, because Athena's not a hundred percent yet, and we had a church thing today which proved to be at least as stressful as we suspected it would be. (It was another one of those "Let's motivate the young single adults to stop being single!" things, which are usually really good, but we get frustrated with them for reasons similar to why we're seeing a therapist. The short version is we know we're supposed to connect with people but we've had way too many bad experiences.)

Still, I figured I should say something today, because we're going to disappear tomorrow. It's time for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, and we're going to be gone all day tomorrow and most of Sunday. (Sarah sent a text while we were at the church thing saying, "We're coming for you at 7:30 tomorrow morning," so I sent her back a text saying we'd be ready to fight them off.) This year the participation package does not include park admission, so we won't actually be going into Disneyland, which is fine because we're like, "Whatever. They don't need our money anyway." We're pretty annoyed with the runDisney people, too, because they make it impossible to get the information we want, even when I call the people in charge. Rar. We were going to sign up to be on the Chear Squad and get Chear Squad t-shirts, but then they made us angry and we were like, "If this is how their guest service is going to be, we don't want to patronize them." Unless there's some really amazing guest service at the event, I'm going to write a letter after the event.

Anyway. We're going to wander around Downtown Disney for a while, maybe catch a movie at the AMC there. Last time we went to the AMC there (about eight years ago), the women's restroom was really amazing. I wonder if it still is... It should be a fairly good time. And I should stop rambling and go to bed.

Today I'm thankful for the surprise gift of a Disney Dossiers book that came via UPS today, finding my ringtone again (I took out my phone's memory card, put it back in, and voila!), getting to read manga today, getting to watch more Elephant Princess, and the thought of going to Marceline's Confectionery and/or the Rainforest Cafe.
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