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Kitty encounters

Athena is really not feeling well today, so we spend most of the day watching Elephant Princess. Normally she'd just power through it, but since we're going down to Anaheim Saturday morning, we figure it's probably better to rest up.

In the meantime my phone seems to have forgotten my ringtone. It's just gone from the phone's memory! My phone started ringing earlier, and it wasn't my ringtone, but it was definitely my phone. It was very strange. So I tried to change the ringtone back but I couldn't find the one I was using. Maybe we'll spend tomorrow making new ringtones. Come to think of it, the last time we made ringtones was around Tinker Bell Half Marathon time... But now I have to decide what I want my new ringtone to be. Oh, the possibilities...

In other news, there was a cat yesterday. We saw it on the way home from the store. It was in the parking lot, and as we got closer, it left the parking lot through a little corridor thing which we knew was leading to where we were going, so we figured we'd see the cat again on the other side. Sure enough, there it was, and we both thought, "Okay, now it's time to be quiet and walk slowly so we don't scare it away." Apparently our caution was entirely unwarranted. The cat sauntered right up to us and rubbed against my leg. Then it started rolling around on the ground, like, "Look at me look at me look at me!" Then I reached down and scratched it on the head, so it said, "Thanks. 'Kay, bye," and walked off. (It didn't really talk, but that was definitely its attitude.) And that was the end of it.

Today I'm thankful for having enough wiggle room in our schedule to take time to rest up, kitty encounters, the yummy kettle corn we had for a snack, opportunities to make new ringtones, and Mom being willing to put off her trip for a couple hours so she can drive us home from counseling.
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