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Today it was back to work on Missions of Love! We're actually pretty early on it, but our future schedule is looking kind of iffy, so we figured we should get a head start, and most importantly, we're really tired of lying around watching TV all day (which is actually not exactly what we've been doing lately, but it sure feels like it is). Our efforts to stop lying around watching TV all day were almost thwarted by Athena's not feeling so well, but we decided to work anyway, and take it a little slow. That's why we're only halfway through a first draft instead of finished.

But the point is, since we were working on Missions, we remembered that we had a CD drama of it to listen to, and so we did! (Seriously, we were translating it, and I'd look at all the pictures of Shigure and think, "Wow, Takahiro Sakurai was such a perfect casting choice for him. We need to listen to that CD!") The voices were all so perfect, except for maybe Akira. Athena describes it like, "He sounded so tall." Not that Akira isn't tall, but he's the type of character who, even if he is tall, he doesn't seem tall, you know? Because he's so cute. I don't really know how tall Akira is, but I think he's at least taller than Yukina, but probably shorter than Shigure.

It was kind of interesting how they adapted the manga scenes for audio drama. It was especially "interesting" when they got to the more sensual (for lack of a better word; they're really not that graphic) scenes. In the manga, most of the everything (not a typo) in those scenes is conveyed through visuals, so the scriptwriter had to get creative, and the scenes seemed a little longer than they were in the manga. They also seemed a little more sensual, I think. Maybe this is because I think of myself as a more audio type person. Or maybe it's because we're purists in the English sense and the Japanese sense.

So when those scenes came up, my mind started to wander a little bit, and for the first one (I'd tell you which scene it is, but that's not until volume...something that hasn't come out yet...four), I was thinking about how Takahiro Sakurai (Shigure) and Yuuki Kaji (Akira) both have kind of smoky voices, and how it was interesting that Akira's voice was actually a teensy bit lower than Shigure's, but more importantly how Sakurai-san really brings out the smoky quality in his voice when he's playing Polar Bear. And so as Shigure described what he was doing, I remembered the scene exactly as it was in the manga...only with Polar Bear instead of Shigure. It was pretty hilarious.

Tangentially, about a week ago, we decided it was time to make a few more Wii Miis, so we made one of Yukina and one of Shigure. We weren't sure if we wanted to name the Shigure one Shigure or Kitami, because if we made Fruits Basket Wii Miis, we wouldn't want the two to be confused. But then we decided that, with the limitations inherent in designing Wii Miis, we could probably use the same Mii for either one, and so we decided to leave it as Shigure. Athena just now pointed out that Shigure Sohma would be taller, but...oh well.

Today I'm thankful for getting to listen to a Missions of Love CD drama, fun with voice actor recognition, getting back into exercising, handy websites to tell us what's in the chocolate boxes we got for Christmas, and finally remembering to check said websites.
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