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Our original plans for today were actually to play Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney all day. Or at least until the 3DS battery ran out, and then find ways to kill time (like going to the store for vegetable oil so we can condition our fondue pot so we can have chocolate fondue) until it charged again, at which point we would spend another three-ish hours playing Layton Attorney. We're pretty sure we're close to the end of the game (considering the fact that the chapter we're on and the one before it had some Japanese word for "final" in the title), but you never know how long the last trial can drag on, so we didn't want to start playing at our usual time and end up staying up until two in the morning (we'd do it, too; we'd be like, "But we have to be close! I can feel it!"). On the other hand, with the battery charging problem, there's kind of an automatic stopping point, but if we think we're only half an hour away from the end, we'll sit around, wait for the battery to charge a little, and try again (this we know from experience, eh heh heh).

Anyway, we didn't do that. Soon after we finally pulled ourselves out of bed (an hour after the alarm...), Sarah called and asked if we were feeling up to having company. Well of course we always are, and so she came over with Logan and her babysitting charge. We discovered that our apartment is far more interesting to babies than we would have thought. But of course, Logan's first "must-see" was the cat. As soon as he walked through the door, he started pointing to the bedroom where the cat keeps herself when there are visitors. Page was very nervous, as usual, but she stayed in place, and Logan didn't push it. Apparently he just likes to get close enough to cats where he can see and shout at them.

We decided to go out to lunch at McDonald's, and then we went to Sarah's place with the intention of going on to help her do some grocery shopping (she had to get big things, like cat food and diapers, but she would have needed help carrying stuff if she had two babies in tow), but instead, Sarah got a call from her apartment manager, telling her that the guys were coming with the parts needed to fix her dryer (which had been broken for weeks) "sometime this afternoon." They never showed up. But we had a good time talking.

Finally, the other baby's mom came to get him, and we decided the guys weren't coming to fix the dryer after all, so we all set out to go grocery shopping. Athena was the last one out of the apartment, so before she closed the door (since Sarah was already halfway down the stairs), she asked if the door locks automatically. Sarah said she had locked it from the inside. So Athena closed the door and then Sarah remembered that she had left her keys inside. One of Sarah's trusted neighbors had been entrusted with a spare key for just such occasions, but she was at work, and so was the key. And since Sarah's car keys were included in the ordeal, we were stranded.

Logan was okay with it, though, because one of the neighbor's cats was out and about, so Athena hung out with him and the cat while Sarah and I waited for Sarah's husband to come rescue us. (He was originally planning to go straight to his parents' house after work to watch a football game with the family.) He finally showed up and we were good to go again. So off we went to the store, where Sarah got mad at me for shaking the cart too much (Logan really liked it), so instead the boy entertained himself by "scaring" Athena. He likes to roar at people to get reactions out of them. This time, he would roar, and Athena would say, "Oh no!" and hide behind me. Then she'd peek out from the other side, and Logan would find her and roar again. Eventually his interest waned, and he would roar, then look to the other side...where he'd find some fascinating item for sale and stare at that for a little while.

Eventually he got me to pull out the digital camera so he could play with that instead. At his place, I'd showed him which button to push to take pictures, so he took a bunch of pictures of things like his shirt, or the floor, or his knee, or his fingers (which were covering the lens). It's funny, because he puts it up to his eye like he's looking through the...the little window type thing on old cameras before they had monitors. But our camera has a monitor, and we don't know if he's ever seen old-fashioned cameras. But maybe he has; we know an aunt of his on his dad's side has an interest in photography. Anyway, at the store he seemed more interested in turning the camera on and off, although he did take a picture of the floor.

While we were there, we picked up some vegetable oil, so maybe we'll have fondue tonight, since we failed to last night. And then Sarah took us home, and now here we are. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for having another lovely day with Sarah and company, getting to have lunch at McDonald's, getting to see some great Sesame Street videos, having vegetable oil with which to condition our fondue pot, and getting to watch Dumbo in Japanese last night.
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