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As You Like It? revisited

Stalling chores again today, we watched another new series on Crunchyroll! Cuticle Detective Inaba! It's crazy! I figured it would be more of a gag type thing when I noticed that there were two titles for the first episode (Polar Bear Cafe and Squid Girl both have two stories per episode), and I was not disappointed. It was much faster paced than Polar Bear Cafe, which was a bonus, and it had our favorite Miyu Irino as one of the main characters. That and all the zaniness have us liking it a lot. Hopefully there will be less blood in future episodes, though...

Anyway, I don't know if everybody's had time to read As You Like It? yet, but I feel like if I don't talk about it very soon, I'll forget everything I had to say. I can barely remember what I had to say as it is!

Let's last time we talked about it, we were annoyed with Senko for being all, "Why isn't he caaaaalling meeeeee!?" I still think Senko should be a little better than that, but this time, there's also thoughts of, "No seriously, why aren't you calling her, you jerk?" I mean, when she's studying for entrance exams, I might buy the "I didn't want to distract you" excuse, but that was only in the one (two-part) chapter. Their whole relationship (in this book) reminds me of all the boy-crazy girls we've dealt with who are so busy obsessing over their boyfriend who didn't text them back after five minutes that they're impossible to deal with. I should probably cut them some slack, but it's hard for me to relate, since I haven't been in that situation, and also, if we're out doing something fun, let's all have fun together instead of staring at our phones the whole time! For crying out loud. I mean, like Kazuha, I don't mind listening to them talk about their boy troubles, but it does get frustrating when that's literally the only thing they'll talk about.

We sort of figured out that one of the things we find unfavorable about this series is the lack of Honjo. For crying out loud, he's the male lead, but Maki's in it more! That would be better if it wasn't only silly Maki (much as we love silly Maki), but that can't really happen in a series that's supposed to focus on Senko. On the other hand, Honjo stole the spotlight in Maki's series, so why can't he steal the spotlight in this one? It is supposed to be about him, after all. Maybe that all was planned for later.

I also think that the real Senko could have handled herself against that pushy college kid.

Okay, okay, I think I've complained enough. I said it earlier and I'll say it again, we did enjoy it a little more this time. That's probably because when we're translating it, by default we have to pay more attention to the dialogue. Not that we don't pay attention to dialogue when we're just reading. But when you translate it, you have to read it, actually look up all the words you don't know, and think about all the nuance and everything a little more. So the increased enjoyment was in the details.

It was interesting to note this time, because I guess we read this before the end of VB Rose, that the final conflict of the girl is the same once again. Just like Ageha, just like Kazuha, Senko is faced with the question of what her ultimate goals are, and she freaks out. We would be more surprised if Yuiko isn't faced with the same problem as Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki comes to a close.

You know something really sad? We actually started translating the Akiyoshi Family Series shorts. We'd translated at least one, maybe two about Rei. So we were thinking about that when we were thinking about what to translate last week, and we were like, "We do already have one or two of those stories translated... Maybe even three..." And then we thought about it a little longer and realized that we never transferred the file to our new computer. We didn't bother transferring any of our manga translations, because all the important ones were stored in our email. But since that one was incomplete, we never emailed it to anyone. It's not on our flash drive, either. We could probably still get it, since we do still have our old tower, but it would be a bit of an ordeal. But perhaps not as much of an ordeal as retranslating the whole thing... Hmm... On the other hand, retranslating doesn't require actual physical labor, while getting the old tower in here to hook up to the monitor requires heavy lifting. Hmmm... So then it becomes a question of how much time we want it to take. Or how much we even care at all.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch all of The 10th Kingdom, getting to watch Cuticle Detective Inaba, getting our chores done, finding out there was such a thing as Mrs. Columbo, and having pretzel-dipped Drumsticks to have for dessert tonight.
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