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Well, Page has gotten quite settled on my lap, so I guess it's time to update LiveJournal (since we don't have anything else to do on the computer). We should probably wait to talk about As You Like It? until people have had time to read it, we'd better talk about something else. We just got back from counseling, so we've been ranting about our problems! Woohoo!

...And while we sat here, ranting about our problems and staring at the screen, Page left! She must have gotten tired of our negative vibes. Eh heh heh... So we were thinking we might just get up and go have some kettle corn, but maybe I should, like, finish this or something first.

I wanted to talk about The 10th Kingdom a little bit, but again because of the ranting. See, the main party is on the run from the bad guys, and they come across a gypsy camp. The gypsies are pretty nice to them--they feed them, entertain them, let them stay the night, etc. But the gypsies have poached some magic birds, who are now doomed to a cruel fate unless someone sets them free. Of course they can talk, so they keep saying to the heroine, "Help us! Save us!" and all that stuff. And they're cute little birds, so your heart goes out to them, especially when you hear that their wings will be broken before they're killed to be eaten. So the next morning, as the party gets ready to sneak out of the encampment, the main girl takes pity on the birds and sets them all free, thus depriving the kind gypsies of one of their sources of livelihood, after all the nice things the gypsies did for them (even if they did do it in a mildly threatening manner). Not surprisingly, the gypsies put a curse on her for doing it.

The party manages to escape from the pursuing gypsies, but now they have to deal with this curse. But! since the heroine was so kind and helped the magic birds, the magic birds came back to help, and they told her how to break the curse! Yay! They even helped guess the name of the crazy woodsman so they could get the thing they needed to break the curse without having Wolf's head chopped off. Then the girl was captured by the Huntsman (huuunt♪), and the birds showed up for a third time and said, "Okay, fine, we'll help you one more time, but seriously this is the last time because you are waaaay too much trouble." (I added a little more attitude, but that's really the content of what was said.) And so I was like, "Wait a second, you stupid bird!" For crying out loud, this girl risked life and limb, betraying people who were nice to her, to save you from whatever stupid fate you were doomed to, and you can barely give her three pieces of information to help her before you say, "Man, you are so needy!" If you were so smart, how did you get captured to begin with, huh!? Little ingrate.

Oh, I just noticed that Page is back on my lap.

Anyway. I don't know why that bothered me so much, but there you have it. The point is, gratitude. Show it. Don't be a jerk. Other than that, the show is still highly enjoyable. We have just two installments left. One of the main characters (Wolf) is half wolf, and one of his interjections is, "Huff puff!" It's cute. He also describes the love of his life as "creamy," which is amusing in a kind of "I'm not sure if I should be disturbed" kind of way.

Today I'm thankful for having a snuggly Page on my lap, having kettle corn to go snack on, not running out of 3DS battery when we were playing our game last night, having had the foresight to pick up some batteries when we went to Walmart to get prescriptions (so that when the batteries ran out on the Wii remote we were able to replace them), and not having to edit As You Like It?.
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