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Today is not really a good day for LJ to be acting weird, because we needed to talk about As You Like It?, and now it's hard to know if anyone will see it. We might have to mention it again in a day or two when LJ is okay again. But the point is we finished a translation of it. A rough draft translation. But we were thinking we didn't really want to go over it again to edit it, so we were a little extra careful the first time around, but only a little. So the question then is first, who all wants a copy? and second, do interested parties care whether or not we go through and edit it? It could be a first-class opportunity to see what terrible mistakes we can be prone to making!

I have more to say about the book in general, but since we're looking at people actually reading it, I guess I should save any comments on the content until they've had a chance to do so.

In other news, we sent a fan letter today! Not that there's a whole lot more to say about that. Fan letters are hard to write. I bet they get easier to write if you do it a lot, but we don't, so there you have it. And to be fair, I have to point out that I did absolutely no writing whatsoever. The fan letter is purely Athena's. It was sent to Tomokazu Seki in response to the Koe no Ouji-sama CDs. She started it a long time ago, but like I said, fan letters are hard to write.

Oh yeah, there was talk of a cat. We turned it down. It just doesn't seem like a good time for us, especially since they seemed very insistent that the cat be adopted RIGHT NOW!!!, and we need time for emotional preparation when it comes to these things. We're also trying to figure out how we can move forward with our lives, and taking on the responsibility of another pet seems like it would be slightly the opposite of helpful in that regard. And while I'm sure another little critter to love would bring more joy into our apartment, I'm not so sure it would supply what we're lacking. Fortunately, another owner has been found.

Today I'm thankful for getting that letter in the mail, printer ink that comes with envelopes in which to send used cartridges for recycling, having paid the rent, there being someone else willing to take in the poor soon-to-be-homeless kitty, and helpful USPS websites that will calculate the price of international letter mailing for us.
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