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Year in Review

Wow, it's the last day of the year! Guess it's time for a year in review post!

First, that meme where you take the first sentence/paragraph of the first post of each month over the past year.

Happy New Year, everyone! We read somewhere that apparently congressmen aren't allowed to say happy new year in letters to their constituents anymore, and whether or not that's true, we amused ourselves with the idea of wishing people a happy new year at random times of the year.

I feel like I had so much to write about that I put off because I wanted to make sure to finish posting about the race (Neverland 5k at Disneyland), but now that I'm done with the race, I can't remember what it all was. It probably wasn't important.

We're back and better than ever! ...Or just back and as good as normal. Maybe a little better than normal, since Disneyland does tend to have a rejuvenating effect.

Today has been...a day, I guess. It started out watching more General Conference, which continued to be awesome, and then we went to Mom's house for the last session of Conference, because it's Scott's birthday. We might have stayed home and gone to Mom's house after Conference was over, but apparently they accidentally threw out their only cake pans, and we happened to have inherited some when we moved here.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! We're back, we're safe, and, as usual, we're tired. We had a really good time, but right at the finish line (about an hour or two away from home), the conversation touched on our Deep Psychological Issues, and our resulting grumpiness has overshadowed all the fun times that were had.

Well, I guess I could talk about our morning of emotional turmoil. It's really very silly emotional turmoil, but it was still...turmoily? Tur...turmu...tur... Anyway, I think the lack of this kind of fangirlishness is part of what's been draining the color from our increasingly drab lives, so I'm going to talk about it!

We went to see Brave yesterday. We had some concerns about it, because we know that so many people elevate Pixar so much above Disney that we were afraid people would be like, "And it's so much better than those other princess movies!"

Normally, I wouldn't have posted today, because nothing happened worth posting about, and because we want to take advantage of all our time to do fun stuff...I mean organize our apartment. (We'll do both.) But I after yesterday's post, we figured it probably wouldn't be a good idea to disappear.

Today has already been pretty long, and it's only three o'clock! ...Well, 3:17. But still. (Grape harvest and new computer setup.)

It's time for another Article of Faith! Number nine:
"We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God."

Technically, we might have should have gotten back to work today, but we had a bunch of odds and ends to take care of this morning (putting bills in the mail, paying the rent, etc.), so we did that, and by the time we were done, we were like, "It's too late to start working!" So instead, we resized photos, and used the super awesome photo gallery software that came with our computer!

We like to psycho-analyze ourselves a lot, actually, so we've been thinking about the whole counseling thing since last night, and I feel like I'm much more able to articulate the reason it didn't seem very productive, at least in my case. I also have a good analogy for why, on Thursday, before we went to the counselor, I was thinking maybe it wasn't fair of us to think we need one.

Tadah! Wow, I didn't think 2012 was that terrible a year, but looking back, it certainly wasn't great.

There was one big event that didn't make it into the meme, because it happened so fast and was in the middle of the month, and that was Oreo's passing. My feelings on that are largely the same. He was old and didn't have the best quality of life anyway, so we're glad he's in a better place, but we sure do miss him. I hope he and Mimsy are having fun together right now.

There's another thing that's only hinted at in the meme, and that was our big end-of-July disappointment. I don't think I can give very many details, but I think at this point it's safe to say that...some of you may remember a couple of years ago when we said there was a project that may or may not send us to Japan (depending on whether or not the employer wanted us there; it had nothing to do with our opinions on the matter). The Japan thing came up and went away several times over the last couple of years, but it was at the end of July that we found out it was cancelled for certain. It was bad timing, because Oreo had recently died, and we were pretty much feeling like fish out of water, stuck in a rut, in a dead-end, all kinds of things along those lines. We were hoping that working abroad would give us a chance to meet some new people, maybe find a place where we feel like we belong or something. Then we found out the whole thing was canceled and we were right back at square one, and with no idea how to proceed.

This was also after the major price hike for Disneyland admission, which made us angry at Disneyland to the point of not wanting much to do with them anymore, so we didn't want to turn to Disneyland, and we felt like we were being shut out of everything. We also had a hard time identifying the exact emotions, and so we couldn't really let them out even if we had an outlet. We didn't want to talk about it on LJ because we weren't sure how much we could reveal, and we couldn't talk about it with Mom, because she hates the idea of us going away anywhere and so was far from sympathetic. As for anyone else...we didn't really feel close enough to anyone else to want to go to them with our problems. As time went on, we started to feel better, probably because we managed to keep ourselves too busy to worry about it, but eventually we had a chance to talk to the bishop and we figured we'd better take it, and because of everything I just said, we jumped at the chance for some counseling.

After our latest session, we figured out what the problem is, but then our counselor went out of town, so we haven't been able to tell her what it is, and so she hasn't been able to give us ideas on how to deal with it. But basically it boils down to this: we have a really hard time feeling like we belong anywhere (and this year has certainly not helped with that), and we don't know how to fix it, because you can't make people like you or be interested in you. We've also been bitten about a dozen times or so (you know, "once bitten, twice shy"), so it's not like we can easily say, "Well, we just need to be more outgoing!" We used to fix the problem by going to Disneyland, but that stopped being effective this year.

But enough of that. There were some pretty great things this year, too! For example, we were assigned Missions of Love to translate, which is still one of our favorites. The Koe no Ouji-sama CDs started coming out this year, and we started watching Polar Bear Cafe. We got to go to the circus in July, and that was really cool. We got a Wii, and a 3DS, and a bunch of really cool video games to go with them.

As for goals for the new year...we really want to go back to DisneySea this year. That's the main one. And Athena almost completed her goal of writing a fan letter in 2012, but we still need to put it in the mail. And of course there's the usual trying to be better and happier. But that seems like it doesn't really need stating. Maybe it does, though, as like a reminder, but anyway it's a constant thing.

Oh right, for anyone concerned, we decided to work on Oki ni Mesu Mama? and we're about halfway through it. We're liking it a little better the second time through. We should finish it sometime this week unless something comes up. We're planning to take the day off tomorrow, though. As if we haven't had enough days off lately.

This year I'm thankful for Koe no Ouji-sama CDs, Oreo, all the shiny video games we've gotten to play, all the money we've saved from canceling the cable, and the shiny new manga we've gotten to translate.
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