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Round three of Christmas went alright. We went over to Mom's house for dinner, and afterward we played The Game of Things. Steve's guests had to leave around five, and after that Celeste and her boyfriend left, so Mom took us home and we had the whole evening ahead of us. We spent it watching anime.

We did some investigating and discovered that the picture on the sheet that we couldn't identify was from Brighter than the Dawning Blue, and we were a little concerned because apparently the series started out as an adult game, but we have vague memories of maybe watching the first episode a long time ago, and we didn't think there was anything too "adult" in it. We found out it was available on Hulu and watched the first two episodes, which were not only very innocent and free of gratuitous fan service, but were also pretty cute.

By then we were ready to do something else, so we decided to play Super Mario Bros. Wii. World 5 is really really hard. It's all the poison. But anyway, we were about to start one of the levels when I noticed something outside and told Athena to pause it so we could check it out. One of the heating units on the apartment across from ours was smoking and sending up sparks or fire or something. It seemed pretty contained, but still a bit alarming, so I called Mom and asked what we should do, because it didn't seem like a big enough deal to call the fire department yet, especially because it was raining and maybe the rain was already solving the problem. Mom and Steve said to call 911 anyway, so I did, and that's how we got a visit from the fire department last night!

I went outside to meet them and point out which heating unit was the one in question. From downstairs in the parking lot, it didn't look nearly as troubled. After I pointed it out, I even called Athena (who was still in our apartment) to see if it still looked sparky from where she was. The firefighters sent some guys onto the roof to check it out, and some guys to talk to the neighbors whose unit it was. Apparently the neighbors had been out on the porch smoking, so they asked if that could have been what I saw. But what I saw was a column of smoke coming directly off the heater, so I'm pretty sure that wasn't it. Still, the firefighters determined the heater to be working properly, and suggested that maybe it got really hot and the rain made a column of steam, which is a possibility. The important thing, though, is that nothing burned down last night. I don't know if there was any danger or not, but I'm glad we called it in, anyway, because better safe than sorry.

Today I'm thankful for finding a cute new anime to watch, not having our apartment catch on fire, friendly firefighters, having saved the fact that we made it through that fortress in World 5, and having had time today to work on Ascribe to Heaven.
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