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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, everyone! We normally wouldn't be home right now, but since Steve invited some friends over for Christmas dinner, they decided there wasn't enough room in their oven to cook everything. So now we're at home with a bunch of pre-prepared food to heat up, and we'll be going back to Mom's house for round two in a few hours. It might actually count as round three, since we did stuff yesterday, too.

Sarah is spending Christmas with her in-laws, but she wanted to see me open my present as part of the sisters gift exchange, so we did that on Christmas Eve. She gave me a chocolate fondue pot, complete with chocolate fondue ingredients and a bunch of cookies and marshmallows to dip! She must have noticed the multiple times I would remember the chocolate fondue we had at Home Evening Group the one time. It left a big impression on me, because it was soooo good, so now I'm very happy to be able to have it whenever we want! Woohoo! Sarah said we threw her off, though, because she couldn't decide whether to get me that or a donut maker, and when we went to Target with her on Friday, we saw the donut maker and got really excited. But she made the right choice because donuts take way to many ingredients and too much preparation. Fondue, you just stick it all in the pot and melt it (we assume; we haven't actually made any yet). The donut maker elicited excitement at the thought of somebody we know who actually cooks owning one (we were shopping for gifts for Mom, after all).

Celeste had Athena, and she gave her a hoodie that looks like the coats they wear in Organization XIII! Celeste had texted me a couple weeks ago to ask how we feel about bad guy merchandise, and the best I could give her was that it depends on the bad guy and the merchandise, which really wasn't very helpful to her at all, so she wasn't sure whether or not she should get it. We're glad that she did, because it's awesome! And besides, plenty of non-bad guys wear those coats, too, so really it shouldn't have been that tough a decision.

Athena had Kimee, who gave us a lot of trouble because we don't see her that often, and when we do, she doesn't talk about herself much. I sort of told this story earlier, but now I can tell it with the right details. We were shopping around Target with Sarah, and we passed by the guitars, and Athena joked about getting her a guitar (it was a joke because guitars are Not in the Budget). Sarah said that Kimee was really jealous when Scott got a guitar last year, so that would have been a really good idea if it had been in the budget. That's when I remembered that Kimee said her favorite class at school was piano, and I knew exactly what we should get her: sheet music. But we didn't think we would find sheet music at Target, so I walked around in little frustrated circles for a minute, and we found some games for Mom, and we resolved to see what we could find online by way of sheet music. We found a great site that legally sells printable sheet music! It was perfect! And we texted Kimee and asked her for a list of favorite songs, and those are the songs we bought! (Except for the two they didn't have.) She opened it last night, and she loved it! Hurray!

This morning Celeste came over early to get us and to wrap the gift she made for Mom, and then off we went to open presents (because Steve's kids would be going to their Mom's house at noon, so that's why we had to go open presents and come back to cook, instead of just cooking and going over there). Athena and I each got two fleece blankets--one with Rapunzel and one with Tigger (for me) or Eeyore (for Athena). The Tigger and Eeyore ones match the pillow pals we bought in August 2008 and have been using ever since. We also each got a sheet with an anime picture printed on it. Athena got a Shugo Chara! one, and I got one with characters we don't recognize yet. We're going to have to fix that. But they're both very cute, and Mom said she had an interesting time searching the website trying to decide which ones to get (because they didn't have any from anything she knows we've translated). But they're so cute, we're like, "We can't use these as sheets!"

Celeste made Mom a scrapbook, which Mom loved, and which I will admit is very nice, but it's hard to be a good sport about it when Celeste says things like, "I won Christmas!" Watch me roll my eyes. 9_9

A bunch of presents were left unopened because they were for Logan. We're told he's getting a Logan-sized recliner that matches the one his dad always sits in. I can just imagine the photo opportunities! Speaking of such things, when we came home, we put our Tigger and Eeyore blankets on our respective couches, and Page discovered that the space between Athena's Eeyore pillow and blanket was just the right size for her! So I took a picture. Too cute! I may even upload it someday...

Today I'm thankful for the lovely gifts we received, having chocolate fondue to look forward to once we've recovered from the sugar high that tends to come with Christmas, having more warm blankets (you can never have too many warm blankets), having a mystery to solve (by identifying those anime characters), and having more fun Christmas stuff to look forward to.
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