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In the nursery

The choir performance went pretty well! We knew that there was going to be a vocal quartet performance, and I was worried that they would totally outperform us (which was fine anyway, because they went after us), but all the singers joined the choir! So we had nine whole singers! That's like double the size we had rehearsing last week. It's a good thing we didn't try to perform anything too tricky.

Things did get tricky after church, though, because on Thursday when the choir director said he couldn't be at church, he asked how long we could stay, because he might try to come after work so we could still have choir practice. Unfortunately, no solid plans were made, and so we weren't sure if we should wait for him to show up, or if we should just go home. While we were trying to figure all that out, I went in search of one of the sisters I visit teach, because we had brought Reese's Christmas trees to give to our visiting teachees. I found her as she was telling the bishop about the terrible time she's had this week, and so I stayed to listen, which means I was nowhere to be found when Athena needed to tell our ride (who was also having a pretty bad week and therefore really wanted to go home to process) whether or not we would go with her.

And that's how we ended up staying at church extra long today. It's possible that the choir director showed up for a little bit, but we never found out, because we decided, since we had to bum a ride off of Mom and Steve again, and it wouldn't be much of a choir practice anyway if it was just the two of us and the director, that we might as well make ourselves useful and help Mom and Steve out in the nursery. Pretty much we just went into the nursery and sat around while kids (age 1.5-3) threw toys at us. There was also a bit of reading.

Athena says she put empty toy boxes on top of the kids so they could hide under them, but when Steve found out that was happening, he put a stop to it. Apparently they had been trying to do it all on their own anyway, but many of them had a hard time figuring out that if you put the box on its side, and then sit inside the box, on its side, you can't put the box on top of you, because you're already on top of it.

At the end of the day when it was time for the parents to come pick up their kids, most of them decided to wait by running in a circle around me. I don't know if I was important to the running or not, but whenever I shifted position, so did the circle. Then I went and stood by the wall, and they stopped running in circles and started running back and forth across the room instead.

Overall, it wasn't a bad time. We couldn't see that we had made much difference, just having toys thrown at us, but Mom and Steve said we were a big help, so we're glad we were useful.

Today I'm thankful for our choir performance going well, being able to make ourselves useful, having a general idea of what the Christmas Eve plans are, getting a ride home from church today, and Scooby Snacks.
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