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Ace Attorney witch trials

Well, Page is not really liking the new cat bed. We think it might be because the floor crinkles. Either that or it's because she gets her claws stuck in it, and then she gets startled and tries to run away, but it follows her, because her claws are stuck. We're still working on it.

In the meantime, I had some more stuff to say about Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney. I didn't have a whole lot to say before, because you start playing the more Layton-style part of the game, and the story's just starting, and stuff... But! Phoenix and Maya become bakers! What!

And then Phoenix becomes a lawyer again. But anyway, the point is we got to an Ace Attorney chapter and suddenly we had a lot more to say. Either this is because we were never big Layton fans, or it's just because Ace Attorney has more fun character stuff to deal with. Mainly, there's the new prosecutor. There's always a new prosecutor. This kind of deadpan, in comparison to the others. It makes me a little sad, because the great thing about Ace Attorney is the way the characters overreact to everything. This guy just...his face never changes! He does have some over-the-topness in that he's a knight in full armor (minus the helmet of course), and so he'll brandish his sword at Phoenix, but... I'm hoping he gets a little more exaggerated as the story goes on.

There are two fun things about him, though, and the first is that whenever evidence goes missing, his main theory is always that it was carried off by a mischievous wolf. Those tricky wolves! The other fun thing is that he's played by Mamoru Miyano, which was kind of odd at first, because the thought of Tamaki as a suddenly a lot more fitting in the context of Ace Attorney, but as this particular prosecutor, maybe not so much. He uses a lower voice than we're used to hearing from him, but he does seem pretty excited to say "Objection!!"

The trials themselves are something else. See, Phoenix, Maya, Layton, and Luke have all been transported into a book, and now Phoenix has to defend their new friend who is constantly being accused of being a witch. And of course standard logic doesn't work in witch trials. They're all like, "You can't prove she wasn't carrying an invisible wand, so it had to be her!" And of course you can't check anything for fingerprints. And! they interview all the witnesses at once! It's really strange, but in an Ace Attorney kind of way.

We've been having a few problems with it, though, because they keep having Layton hold Phoenix's hand, so to speak. It's probably okay, because we've only played through the first witch trial, and Phoenix relied on Mia a lot in his first trial, but it's a little aggravating. We're in the Phoenix camp, so we want him to be the smart one! So again, we're hoping for more dynamics with the characters. It's also giving us trouble because even when we know the right answer, we don't know how to point it out. So we had to identify where something would have been on a map, and our first guess was wrong, but when we finally got the right spot, it was practically in the same place! In other words, we knew we were on the right track; we just didn't know the specifics, and the game is a little picky. Ah well; we'll get used to it.

Oh, also! Today we got the book on Pirates of the Caribbean that lyschan sent us! It's full of great Marc Davis drawings! Thanks, lys! And thanks for the lovely card, too!

Today I'm thankful for the beautiful rainbow we saw this afternoon, getting a book from lys, finally being done with all our Christmas shopping, the rain holding off until we got back from the store, and having time to get caught up on all our anime today.
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