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Christmas shopping

Another busy day today! We still had a couple Christmas gifts we needed to buy, so we called Sarah and asked her if she'd take us shopping. She was very agreeable to the idea, so off we went! And despite being only four days until Christmas, it wasn't so bad crowd-wise. It was mostly just difficult because we had two babies with us, but they were both relatively well-behaved. Athena says that sometimes when she said to Logan, "Okay, will you put that back for me?" that he would, and sometimes, not so much. But we got to try the dark chocolate peppermint ice cream at Cold Stone, so that in and of itself makes the day a success.

There are a couple of things about today that made it slightly less successful, the first of which being that we found out after everything that Sarah had been planning to do some crafts with the kids that we ended up taking them all away from (but apparently she does crafts with them all the time, so it's not that big a deal?), and the second... The idea of the trip was that we didn't have a solid idea of what to get for a couple of people, so we had to actually go places where we could Look at Stuff. We managed to find some satisfactory gifts for one person, but the other person... It was good and bad. We were walking around a certain section of Target, and talking about this person, and suddenly it hit me what the perfect gift would be...but we weren't going to find it at Target. And that was the last store we'd been to, and we'd been shopping for so long already that we just had to settle for getting it some other time. Or online. So I'm excited that we finally figured out what to get her, but worried about whether or not we can get it in time for Christmas.

As for cute Logan stories...well, at Cold Stone, they had the radio on of course, and there was one song that came on about, like, shutting your mouth or something? But the point is part of it said "shush," and when Logan heard that, he put his finger to his mouth like, "Be quiet!"

Today I'm thankful for Sarah being kind enough to take us Christmas shopping, coming up with a great gift to get Kimee, getting to try the dark chocolate peppermint ice cream at Cold Stone, finally meeting the main prosecutor of the Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney game (we both figured out who played him at the same time, at which point he ceased to have any significant speaking lines for the rest of the chapter (except, of course, for the obligatory, "Objection!!" lines), and we were like, "Is it...? No way...! Talk, darn you!" (every time he said "Objection!!" we were more convinced, then we looked it up and we were right! yay!)), and Page hanging out with us now that we're back home.
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