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Busy day

We didn't really mean to be busy all day, but that's how it happened. Tonight was our ward Christmas dinner, and we'd been warned a couple weeks ago that there wasn't anything on the menu that we wanted to eat. It was especially aggravating because apparently there was a vote, but we didn't get to participate. Now I know how the disenfranchised feel (to a very tiny degree). But the point of that is that, in order to avoid people saying, "Go get something to eat!" and "But you'll at least have a baked potato, right?" (no, not right), we made it a point to have a very big lunch. That way when people said, "Aren't you going to eat?" we could say, "We're not really interested, and we had a big lunch, so we're cool." Worked like a charm. (Though actually, the event probably would have been the same anyway. But this way, we really were full, and didn't have to worry about going without dinner.)

That being the case, we went to Little Caesar's to pick up a pizza. On the way there, we walked across our apartment's enchanting park-like setting (that's how they describe it on the ad sign) and came across a little boy on a scooter. He was trying to offer his services to everyone cleaning yards to earn some money, supposedly for a Christmas present for his little sister, but subsequent conversation makes me wonder about the authenticity of that claim. Either way, the idea of teaching kids a work ethic sounded good, so we agreed to let him sweep outside our door. But when we took him to our apartment, he said, "Why don't you give me the money now, and maybe when you get back (we had told him we were going to the store) I'll have cleaned for you." We were like, "Maybe?" He said again, "Just give me the money now, and I'll think about doing the work." What. Sorry kid, that's not how it works.

He did eventually tell us that our apartment was too far away, and he'd get in trouble if he spent too much time all the way out there. We still didn't pay him to do any work, but when we came back, we gave him a dollar as a Christmas present. That might be a little counterproductive as far as teaching the kid a work ethic, but it was only a dollar, and the gift he claimed to be saving for was a hundred.

After our adventures and our very big lunch, we watched some anime, and then we had to wrap presents. Mom is going to see Aurora and her husband over the weekend, and since this year it's my turn to give Aurora a present, we wanted to hand them (one present for Aurora, one for her husband, and one for both of them) over to Mom for delivery. We also wanted to get a present for their cat (soon to be cats--they're going to adopt two more on Saturday), so we had asked Mom to take us to PetSmart. So we wrapped the gifts, and then Steve picked us up and we went to PetSmart.

We also got Page a gift in the form of a new cat bed. She likes the one we bought last Christmas, but we wanted to get her one that was more like a little house, because she gets cold in the winter. She didn't seem to really see it until we got back from the Christmas dinner, but Athena tells me she seems interested in it, but the little toy hanging from the doorway of the cat bed formed an instant rivalry with Page, and so she spent most of her encounter stalking it and trying to get the better of it. Then she got startled and ran away and hasn't been back to it since.

The dinner was pretty fun, too. We actually had people to talk to! We talked to the new choir director, who, as it turns out, won't be able to make it to church on Sunday because of a changing work schedule. Sunday's choir performance will be Small. Athena just now suggested we all wear signs around our necks that say, "Please join the choir!"

Today I'm thankful for our very large lunch, Mom taking us to PetSmart, having a good time at the ward Christmas dinner, our tissues lasting until we made it to the store to buy new ones, and our soft warm sweatshirts from the Jingle Bell Walk.
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