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Two nights ago, I was awake all night being scared. I may or may not have mentioned in the past that movies and stuff where a character is basically turned into another, much creepier character, scare me a lot, mostly because of the loss of free will involved, and it's been on my mind with all the talk about mental illness and the scary things people have done going around the internet. It didn't help that my lip kept twitching.

I told Athena about it in the morning, but there wasn't much to be done except go through the day as usual, so that's what we did. I figured that would be the best thing for it anyway, since really I just needed to stop thinking about it. But this nagging anxiety just kept hitting me whenever, for example, we had to wait for a dictionary page to load. Still, the distractions were really helping and I didn't start really freaking out again until we started playing our shiny new video game.

I waited until we got to a good stopping point and asked Athena to turn it off because I didn't want to not be enjoying the shiny new game. So we took a break. Athena did the smart thing, and, realizing that this excessive nervousness was entirely unnatural, and putting some other pieces together from what I'd told her, she asked herself what was different about the day. She says she's pretty sure it was inspiration. She looked at me and said, "You wanna go look up the side effects of albuterol?"

Right. I had used my inhaler twice the night before, once right before bedtime. So off we went to Wikipedia, and sure enough, side effects of albuterol include anxiety and tremor, which apparently is the official name of muscle twitching. Well, they say knowing is half the battle, and now that I knew there was a reason for the nerves aside from the possibility of me losing my mind, I felt much better about life. Even more so because I hadn't taken the inhaler at all that day. Needless to say, I didn't take it again. It really makes it seem like sometimes the problems caused by medicine are way, way worse than the problems the medicine is supposed to solve. When we're less distracted, we're going to see about buying that book on natural remedies that National Geographic advertised to us by mail. I've never heard about any serious side effects from cinnamon. (But according to Sarah, feeding a baby honey can give the child botulism.)

But in happier news, oh my goodness, this game is shiny. Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney. All the characters talk! Out loud! Even the witnesses! Not all the time, but just enough. And all the characters look hand-drawn, but they've been rendered into 3-D computer graphics, which is only cool because the fact that they're computerized means you can see them breathing! Breathing! When we translated one of the Ace Attorney anthologies, one of the contributors' comments talked about the new Ace Attorney 4 game coming out in Japan (Apollo Justice), and since it was the first one that came straight to DS (the others were originally for Game Boy Advance), she was excited to get to see the characters in such high definition that she could make out their pores. That's the kind of detail you get in this game (except you don't actually see any pores). We won't talk about the story because I'm too lazy to make a cut, but so far it's really awesome.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play our shiny new game, figuring out what had me so worked up yesterday, finishing the project we were working on, being able to breathe well enough to not need an inhaler, and not having to do laundry today.
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