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It begins again

Some of you may remember a few years ago when we started going to choir practice after church. We weren't good enough friends with anyone in the choir to bum a ride home, so we ended up sitting outside the bishop's office, just hanging out and chatting with whoever happened to be there, occasionally inspiring enough pity in someone to get a ride home before Mom's ward let out. Well, it's started again!

I'm actually a little excited, because I like being in the choir, and frankly it was kind of fun hanging out by the bishop's office. There's just a little bit of a problem this time, in that the rest of the ward doesn't seem to realize we have a choir. We had a grand total of seven people in attendance, including the choir director (who's not supposed to be singing) and the accompanist, who turned out to be me. I showed up planning to sing, but there wasn't an accompanist, so...yeah. We're hoping that when we perform next week (we have to do something for Christmas!), we'll either show everybody that we're so awesome they just have to join up, or we'll inspire so much pity in them that they'll join the choir to assuage their bad feelings on our behalf.

After practice, while we were waiting around for Mom's ward to let out, we ran into one of our former Relief Society presidents (the one who took us to get Page, in fact), and she suggested we print out pictures of people and make cardboard cutouts to fill up the choir seats. We even thought of having separate mouthpieces for them, so we can pull on some cords and make it look like their mouths are moving!

Today I'm thankful for having a choir again (small though it may be), having people to chat with while we waited to ambush Mom, getting to sing extra Christmas songs during Relief Society, Sister P bringing her special white chocolate popcorn for everyone, and Mom and Steve being kind enough to drive us home.
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