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Our game still isn't here! Boo! Boo, I say! BOO! ...Not that whining about it will help.

Today was okay, I guess. I was feeling pretty normal, so we both went to the Jingle Bell Run. (It was officially a Jingle Bell Run; I've just been calling it a walk, because they had a 5k run and a 2mi. walk, and we were signed up for the walking part because are you kidding me? we're not going to run. Although, we are confident that we could walk a 5k fast enough to not have to be picked up by the golf cart.)

Celeste and Sarah were signed up to run, of course, and the two of us, Mom, and Steve were walking. Logan came, too, so we took the stroller with the walkers, and the baby was Not Happy about that. The problem was that the walkers started ten minutes after the runners, so we had to stand around and wait, and Logan does not like to hold still. He managed to entertain himself for a little while by pushing the stroller backwards, but then there were too many people crowded behind it, so he couldn't do it anymore, and that's when he started crying. I think we managed to calm him down for a little while, but then his mom came running by (because the course just made a U-turn at the halfway point, so everybody was using the same track and turning around at different times) and she didn't notice until it was too late to give him a kiss, and from then on, he was determined to be unhappy. We're pretty sure he was determined, too, because after a while, we called Sarah, and she came back to take him and try to appease him, and some people started walking by singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and she started dancing with him, and he started smiling, but with this complicated look like he was trying to suppress it and thinking, "But I'm supposed to be unhappy!"

Anyway. Aside from those complications, the walk was pretty nice. It was through...okay, there are two places that are famous for having all the houses decorated super fancy for Christmas, and one is called Candy Cane Lane and the other is called Christmas Tree Lane, and I never care to remember which is which, so I don't know where we were, but it was decorated all fancy for Christmas. The walk was in the morning, so none of the lights were on, but I think in this case it was probably for the best. (We've seen that place lit up; it can be a little tacky.) So we got to see some fun decorations, and there were a bunch of really tall trees (so maybe it was Christmas Tree Lane) that gave it a kind of mystical, fairy tale type atmosphere, especially because the morning was foggy.

When we all finished, we lined up for some complimentary cookies, and by then Logan was mostly done being upset. He saw the cookies and stopped clinging to Sarah for a little bit so he could sign to her, "Cookie, please." He was a lot happier when we got back to the parking lot. Then we all went to IHOP for lunch, and Logan had to sit in a high chair, which made him unhappy again, because he was bored. While we waited for our food, he tried a couple of times to sign to Sarah, "All done!" which was only especially cute because the second time, it was more of a question.

Not that I mean to go on and on about the baby, just that he was the most interesting thing about today. Athena and I got to be a little grumpy, because we're so good at fading into the background. It probably doesn't help that, being sick, I didn't speak up a whole lot, because I was trying to conserve energy, and Athena just doesn't speak up much in general. So we were feeling kind of gloomy when we got home and really hoping for a shiny new video game to cheer us up. We even had a package in the mail box that was about the right size and everything! ...But it was another thing we ordered, which is very important, too, but it's a Christmas present for somebody else.

So instead we watched Toradora! and The Cosby Show for about a million hours (or two and a half). And now we're just killing time because when I got up to go to the bathroom, Page stole my seat on the couch.

Today I'm thankful for finally taking the time to check out Toradora!, being well enough to go on the Jingle Bell Walk, complimentary cookies, getting nice comments on our chain-link scarves, and the lovely fog this morning.
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