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Our new game still hasn't arrived! It would totally be the best thing to do while lying around waiting to recover, too. Ah well; it will get here eventually. And we did get! a lovely Christmas card from badtzphoto! Thanks, Badtz!

In the meantime, Page was so cute last night. She came and sat with me for a little while on the couch, and then she got up and came over to the arm of the couch and rubbed up against my face. I said, "Aww, you're so sweet!" and she seemed to say, "No, you're not getting this. Let me try again." And she rubbed up against my face again. It still didn't work, so she started sniffing around the edge of my blanket. That's when I finally figured out that she was asking to come under the blanket! Awwww! Later, she took my seat.

I've kind of been wanting to talk about Kamisama Kiss lately, but there's not a whole lot to say. Still, it was really funny watching the latest episode, when Tomoe saw the roller coaster and said, "Let's go on that," and Nanami was like, "What?" and the next thing she knew, they were on the roller coaster. It was just like when we went on Jurassic Park!

We're really curious about the subtitles, though, because they're definitely trying to go for special speech patterns with some of the characters. We wonder if that's just a Funimation thing, or if they're trying to match the manga translation.

And now, back to relaxation.

Today I'm thankful for getting almost a full night's rest last night (I only woke up once! and then I thought I should probably use the inhaler, and then I tried to go back to sleep and noticed I was a little shaky, and then I remembered the nurse at the urgent care center saying (during the breath treatment), "It might make you a little jittery, but don't worry, that's just the albuterol," and then I was like, "Ooohh, it's a stimulant! ...Darnit."), Page asking politely, the latest Polar Bear Cafe ending sequence (it's really slow, but it has good reason, and the video is just too cute!), the lovely Christmas card we got from Badtz, and being between projects and having lots of time to relax.
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