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Sickday part 2

Today has certainly been a day. I couldn't sleep last night because I couldn't breathe, and when Mom picked us up to take us to counseling, she said it could be pneumonia. What!? I didn't worry too much about it, and then after counseling, Mom told us that she'd talked to Steve about it, and he'd apparently noticed my breathing problems before (which didn't make a whole lot of sense, because this is the first time I ever remember being kept awake listening to my own wheezing) and they wondered if it was asthma. So we figured what the heck, let's just go to the doctor.

So we went to the doctor, and thankfully, it wasn't pneumonia! It was bronchitis. And when I told Mom I'm just glad it wasn't pneumonia, she said, "But bronchitis can lead to pneumonia." Thanks.

Anyway, the doctor gave me a breath treatment, which turned a little awkward when I got a phone call from Sarah during it. I had this thing in my mouth, and I couldn't really take it out, but I didn't want to just hit "Ignore," so the phone kept ringing. And after that I was really anxious for everything to be done so I could call Sarah back. Meanwhile, Athena was out in the lobby watching Dr. Phil talk about controversial parenting methods.

The doctor prescribed an inhaler and some antibiotics, and while I waited for stuff, the clinic got their shipment of complimentary hand sanitizer thingies, so I got the very first one! It looks like a pen, but when you take the cap off, it's a sanitizer spritzer! Whee!

And then I called Sarah back, and she said that Mom had asked her to pick up all the materials for the Jingle Walk we all signed up for on Saturday. All the participants get sweatshirts and I think they get jingle bells, and Sarah's going to go pick them up tomorrow, but she's going to have two babies and sweatshirts are bulky. So she wanted help, and I immediately said, "We'll be happy to help!" And then I told Mom about it and she was like, "Uh, you have bronchitis." So maybe I won't help with that. You know, apparently I had a fever of 102. Mom was shocked that I was out walking around in my condition. And I was like, "It's nothing. My chest hurts is all." Hopefully that attitude doesn't lead to pneumonia.

So then we went to Walmart to get my prescriptions, since the doctor said they don't make generic inhalers and so it would be expensive and go to somewhere like Target or Walmart since you don't have insurance. (We do actually have some insurance, but we didn't want to bother going home to try to find it before going to the doctor's. Also, I think it only covers doctor's visits and hospitalization--not drugs.) We also got some Robitussin DM, as per the doctor's recommendation, and after coming home and spending a long time watching the Cosby Show, I'm feeling much better.

Now if only we'd remembered to buy a box of tissues while we were at Walmart. And a popcorn tin.

Today I'm thankful for getting sick on a day when I needed to go out anyway (otherwise we probably wouldn't have gone to the doctor), Mom being kind enough to drive us all over town, the Cosby Show on Hulu, neat little hand sanitizer spritzer thingies, and friendly doctors and pharmacists.
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