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Today has been a very odd-scheduled day, for one very big reason. We're both sick. In Athena's case, we think it's just major allergies, but in my case it's definitely a cold. We figure I caught it at Sarah's place with the munchkins, but I probably wouldn't have caught it so hard if we'd been, like, eating. But there was a deal at Pizza Hut today, so we ordered two medium pizzas and now we're very well-fed, so hopefully my body can focus less on helping me move and more on fighting illness.

It was pretty funny when earlier, I was drinking some water, and I was thinking, "Oh hey, my throat doesn't hurt right now!" The thought distracted me into choking on some water...and then of course my throat was hurting again. We're also trying a home remedy of honey and cinnamon.

I should probably point out that by "caught it hard," I mean a sore throat and a sometimes runny nose. It's really not that bad; just a little painful sometimes. At one point, we were watching some anime, and Page wanted to share the couch, which meant I was sitting up instead of lying down. It was during that time that all my energy drained away. But I'm feeling a lot better since taking a nap (we were supposed to be listening to a DJ CD, but...) and eating.

In happier news, we used up the bar of soap we were using as of Saturday and have now started using the fancy "fresh sparkling snow" scented soap! The less happy part of this is that I still cannot smell it, but Athena said it smelled citrus-y. She checked the ingredients and found she was incorrect about the citrus part, but correct about the tropical part. It's made with honey extract, coconut extract, mango extract, and olive extract. Neither of us is quite sure how those smells would add up to snow, but clearly somebody thinks they do. Athena says she thought citrus and not tropical because it's supposed to smell like snow, which is something they don't have a whole lot of in the tropics.

Today I'm thankful for getting to try our new soap, having ingredients for trying home remedies, special deals at Pizza Hut, being well-fed, and finally haven taken time to watch Magic Users Club.
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