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Princesses and turkeys

We're getting more and more impatient for our copy of Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney to get here. Why did we go with the slower shipping!? Whyyy!? Oh right, because we don't want to spend all our money.

Anyway, just some random thoughts for today. We were eating some fruit flavored snacks (not to be confused with fruit snacks), and there were blue ones, and that reminded us of long, long ago, when we were maybe about nine. Or maybe actually seven. Somewhere between seven and nine. You know, when the Super Mario Bros. Super Show was going on. That's when we had Super Mario Bros. fruit snacks. They had a little promotional "save the princess" deal, where if you found a blue princess-shaped fruit snack, and you saved it and sent it in, they would send you a free t-shirt. That sounded pretty cool, so we kept our eyes open! And then one day, I don't remember if we were telling our cousin about the contest or if it just came up, but something was said about a blue princess fruit snack. He had eaten it. And so no one was able to wear an "I saved the princess" t-shirt. Sad.

In other random thoughts, our brother-in-law (on Aurora's side) likes to post a bunch of random jokes on Facebook and/or Twitter. Some of them are really funny and some of them are meh, but this has nothing to do with that. Today one of his jokes was that he wondered what the turkey President Obama had pardoned was up to these days. I think it may have mostly been our desire to show off our knowledge, but also a desire to say something relevant, coupled with a knowledge that we need to speak up more if we want to stop being invisible--the point is, we replied with something about how it's probably ignoring goats and tourists at Disneyland. We may have posted a picture before, but according to the sign outside the turkey pen at Big Thunder Ranch, the "Happiest Turkey on Earth" is sent to Disneyland after its pardon.

Nobody replied to our comment, for which we are actually very grateful, because we're afraid of people, especially when they're prone to mocking. But I kept thinking about it, and I wonder if the comment would have been better received if we had gone on to post our musings about whether or not it really is the happiest turkey on earth, seeing as how it gets to live with the knowledge that all its family has been slaughtered and devoured. Then I start to wonder what crime it was pardoned for. For the crime of being a turkey? Like Thanksgiving is also a day for executing the guilty or something? I don't know. It's all a jumble.

Today I'm thankful for finishing the book we were working on, remembering that oh yeah we should listen to some Christmas music, figuring out how to get back into Athena's Legend Cards account, our Kinokuniya order shipping, and still having some peanut butter squares for later.
Tags: nostalgia trip, randomness

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