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Today has turned out to be much more eventful than expected. My visiting teaching companion is an older lady who loves to entertain, so for visiting teaching this month, she hosted a luncheon. And since her husband is our home teacher, Athena was invited, too! We were really nervous about going, though, because, as you may recall, we don't really "eat." We dearly hoped the entree would be a Digiorno's pepperoni pizza or something, but no such luck. It was chicken enchiladas.

Fortunately, there weren't any extra vegetables or anything in the enchiladas, so we were each able to eat a little bit. We even thought they tasted pretty good, but we couldn't have eaten any more than what little we did. This is why I think the picky eating thing is some kind of a mental disorder. But it's one we're pretty much okay with, so we don't bother trying to fix it. We think that Super Nanny is right in telling parents to get their kids to eat at least two bites, because that way you can build up a tolerance without forcing yourself to eat so much that the trauma will make you never want to eat that dish ever again.

Anyway, the conversation was pretty nice. Sister S thought it would be fun to talk about Christmas traditions, and one of the girls there said that her family does all the Christmasy stuff at about midnight on Christmas Eve. When she and her sister were kids, they would go to bed, and their parents would wake them up at midnight to open gifts, then they'd stay up and play with them, and spend the next day being together as a family. That sounded like a pretty cool idea.

When we were done eating and talking, then Sister S gave each of us a thing of liquid hand soap from Bath & Body Works. (Except Athena and I got one to share, since it's kind of a household gift.) And since one girl wanted the brown sugar & vanilla and the other girl had no preference, we got to take home the fresh snow one! I'm so excited about it! Ever since we got an Animaxis newsletter that mentioned some kind of Host Club snow-scented thing, I've been curious as to what that scent would be like, and now we can finally find out! One of the girls asked us what it smelled like and said, "And don't say snow!" But we couldn't tell her, because we hadn't actually smelled it yet. But soon... (ish. We still have soap in our bathroom, so we might want to use that up first.)

While we were at lunch, I (shockingly) got a phone call (which prompted a brief discussion about Tangled and my ringtone). It was from Steve, inviting us to his and Mom's ward Christmas party tonight. And so our day has been booked up!

And while I'm happy for the human interaction, I feel a little bit like Handa-san. I was planning to clean the bathroom today.

Today I'm thankful for having a good time at lunch, being able to find out what snow-scented scented things smell like, realizing that there's a strong possibility that much of Ace Attorney is inspired by Columbo, being available to help Page stay warm, and still having time for our Saturday anime.
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