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More on Missions

Page is on my lap being super snuggly, and so we're going to update LiveJournal instead of going to eat a snack.

Now, the thing about Missions of Love is that we got a little obsessed with it, but we were still determined not to say anything about it, so we built up a lot of things I want to talk about, and now that it's time to talk about them, I'm kind of like, "What did I want to talk about again?" There are two things that I remember being important, but one of them would probably best be saved until after volume two comes out, so I'll talk about the other one.

When it came time to translate volume two, our boss sent us four more volumes. There are previews in the back of each Japanese volume, and even though we have our comp copies of volume one, we didn't bother checking to see if Kodansha USA uses them, but we translate them anyway because they come before the copyright page, and that's just our own little guideline that we made up. (Although we never did translate the Umineko previews. But we did translate all the Higurashi ones. Anyway.) But we're obsessed with this series, so we want to avoid spoilers, and so we like to be a volume ahead of wherever we're translating so that the preview for the next volume won't give anything away. Plus it's a great excuse to spend more time with the series.

Anyway, the point is, we had four more volumes of the series, so we just read them! Zoom! And then we were on a big Missions kick, which I think is why we went to the Nakayoshi website to see if maybe we could get some wallpapers or something. We could actually, and they're shiny. But more importantly, we found out that, starting with volume eight, they've been releasing special edition volumes that come with CD dramas! What!

We didn't really plan on actually getting any, because that usually takes an Amazon Japan order and we'd already missed the volume eight one anyway, so we decided to go ahead and look at the cast. And then we decided we had to get them. Fortunately, CD Japan was very obliging. So we ordered volume nine even though we were still missing volumes six through eight, and we're only just getting to a point where we can listen to the volume nine drama.

But the point is voice actors. played by an actress we're not familiar with yet. Mami--she's this character who shows up in volume three--is played by Ayana Taketatsu, the actress who played Kirin in the Gakuen Babysitters drama! She's also really famous, but you can see where our priorities are. Speaking of Gakuen Babysitters, Akira is played by Yuuki Kaji, who played Ryuichi! ...He seems like he could be a good choice for Akira, since he plays a lot of cute characters, but we haven't heard him as Akira yet, so we're not convinced he's the right kind of cute for him. But Toyama-sensei said in volume eight that he played Akira very very well, and in volume nine she was still marveling at how perfectly all the voice actors matched the characters.

Now let's talk about Shigure, because this is what's really important.

We had recently gotten re-obsessed with a certain voice actor who sings When You Wish Upon A Star, because he did a guest post on the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Blog. He talked about how he played the first Final Fantasy game when he was thirteen, and he panicked because it was his first encounter with the fantasy genre, but it already had Final stuck on it! (We were amused that even in Japan, people are like, "It's Final Fantasy. How can there be sequels." But that was more from another blog entry.)

So he was a fan of the series, and then he got to Final Fantasy VII, and it was the first time he ever regretted beating a game. And the way he narrated the whole thing was so endearing (=adorable)! And then he was reunited with Cloud in a completely unexpected way...

So anyway, as will happen from time to time, we were obsessed with Takahiro Sakurai, and lo and behold, there he was again, playing Shigure in Watashi ni XX Shinasai!. He's so perfect for the role, too, because Yukina says Shigure is boring when he's putting on his nice guy act, and is much more likable when he's being himself. See, one time Anime News Network reported this Japanese weather app, where there were animated weatherpeople designed to appeal to different moes. He played one of them, so he was using a typical biseinen voice, and frankly I thought it was boring. But whenever he plays characters with real emotions and personality other than "all the girls love me," his voice is really sexy. Perfect for Shigure.

I just read volume nine, so now Athena just needs to read it, and then we can listen! Eeee!

Today I'm thankful for having direction for Monday, having two X-Shina CD dramas to look forward to, adorable narratives about Final Fantasy love, getting to wake up to Cocoro this morning, and ice cream with pretzels in it.
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