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We're stalling right now, so we're updating LiveJournal. We have some things we need to do by way of organizing the apartment, but it's a cloudy day, which makes it so not good for cleaning. It makes it good for reading, playing video games, watching Tiger & Bunny the Live--that sort of thing. We also tend to think of cleaning the way most people seem to think of math, which, according to some study somebody posted on Facebook, creates a reaction similar to that caused when experiencing pain. If I remember correctly, it wasn't the actual math that caused the reaction; it was the anticipation of having to do math. That's how we feel about de-cluttering.

Anyway. On Sunday we told Bishop the whole story about how we felt about counseling, and he said just give it another shot. That being the case, instead of calling to cancel our appointment on Thursday, we followed our counselor's instructions and took a free version of the Myers-Briggs personality test to help her get to know us faster. She asked if I'd taken it before, and I said yes, and the first time I took it, I got INTJ. She didn't believe I was really a T, so she wanted me to take it again. It's also true that in all my various takings of various Myers-Briggs tests, I've managed to at some point or another get every single letter. Even, shockingly enough, E. That one was an odd one, though, that was specifically tailored to being a fan, so I based all my answers on how I feel at anime conventions, where I tend to be a little more outgoing.

Athena is pretty consistently INFP or INFJ. This time, I got ISTJ, and then I took it again, and one answer shift landed me right between ISFJ and ISTJ. So I was like, "I told you I was a T!"

I couldn't remember what all the letters really meant (except for I and E), so I went to Wikipedia to find out (the site we took the tests on told what all the 16 combinations were, but didn't explain the individual letters, boo). Apparently T and F (Thinking and Feeling) refer to whether you're more logical or more emotional, and I think that's where we all got confused. It seems like most people thinking of the two sides as being mutually exclusive, but we've always thought there's logic in emotion. For example, if I were to walk up and punch you in the face, there's a good chance you're going to be hurt, angry, and/or afraid. And probably also confused. I think that's pretty logical. Now, it's possible that there would be an exception, and if I punched you in the face, you would be happy, or amused. But there would definitely be extenuating circumstances that, once revealed, would make it all make sense again.

Contrariwise, if I walked up and gave you some money, you would probably be happy, and ideally grateful. And potentially also confused. Again, there could be extenuating circumstances, or you might feel guilty depending on how much money was given, or you might be angry because you'd think maybe I was being patronizing or something. But it all falls within some bounds of reason. Even if someone has a chemical imbalance that causes irrational emotions, that chemical imbalance is still a reason. (We tend to like to think there's an underlying reason causing the imbalance, but since we don't know enough on the subject, we'll leave it to the experts.)

Come to think of it, if there was no logic to emotion, how would psychology be in any way effective at all?

Today I'm thankful for personality tests, getting to listen to our new Kingdom Hearts piano CD, getting our manga today, those brownie things we got at Fresh & Easy yesterday (they taste almost exactly like the truffle cake we used to love so much that disappeared), and having plans to watch Tiger & Bunny the Live tonight.
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