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Present attack!

I'm a little out of it because we just spent some time reading. What was I going to talk about today? Let's see... Yesterday we went to Sarah's birthday dinner, where we gave her a birthday present! We're so terrible about presents, because we love to give people stuff, but mostly when we see something we think they'll like. And so we rarely get people presents on their actual birthday. But this time we had birthday presents, because Sarah made a request, and we instantly went to fulfill that request, but once we had it on hand, the next time we saw her was at Kimee's birthday dinner, and it's no good to give other people presents on someone's birthday. (We actually had presents for Kimee, too, because we told her we'd buy her hipster glasses for her birthday.)

So what was this request that we were so eager to answer? She said she wanted Disney movies! She was even like, "I don't really expect anyone to get me a birthday present, but if anyone wants to, I want to increase my Disney collection." (That's probably not a direct quote; she said it a long time ago. But that's the gist.) And of course we were like, "You want to increase your Disney collection!? Let us help you!" This is especially important because we think kids need to grow up with Disney movies, and so when we went to buy some movies for her, we made sure to choose ones that our brother-in-law would be less likely to object to showing his son.

We bought four Disney movies, because we tend to go a little crazy, and because the Disney Movie Club is always having a sale. One of the movies was Lady and the Tramp (we figured animal movies are a good way to go), but we ended up keeping that one and giving Sarah our old DVD copy. But four movies didn't seem like enough, so we were a little sad until we realized that we had extra copies of four more movies! Well, three Disney movies and one Pixar movie. Because we accidentally bought three of them on Blu-ray, and the other one (Sword in the Stone) we bought when they released a special edition...which turned out to be the old edition we already had a copy of, but in a shinier case. And so we were able to overwhelm Sarah by giving her eight movies for her birthday! Wa ha ha ha ha ha!

And now we're stuck trying to figure out Christmas presents for people.

In other news, we got our My Beastly ABC's t-shirts in the mail on Saturday! They're super cute! It won't be long before the app comes out and we have to figure out a way to play with it! Maybe we'll just buy a tablet or something. Or maybe we should stop spending money like it's water.

Today I'm thankful for super cute Jackalope shirts, finally getting to give Sarah her present, getting our order from CD Japan today (but we don't have time to watch Tiger & Bunny the Live until tomorrow...unless we skip out on Home Evening Group), having tasty treats from Fresh & Easy, and National Geographic catalogs (even we can't afford anything in them).
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