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We like to psycho-analyze ourselves a lot, actually, so we've been thinking about the whole counseling thing since last night, and I feel like I'm much more able to articulate the reason it didn't seem very productive, at least in my case. I also have a good analogy for why, on Thursday, before we went to the counselor, I was thinking maybe it wasn't fair of us to think we need one.

Basically what it all boils down to is that occasionally we feel really isolated, like we don't have any friends and stuff. Like, there was one person who kind of drove us up the wall who one time invited us to do something because, according to his estimate, we spend about 95% of our time in our apartment. We did some math and figured out he was a little bit off. It's really more like 98%. So we start to get all whiny about it, and we blame all our past trauma, instead of, like, being proactive and stuff.

That brings us to Thursday, when Sarah came over. I told her we'd been upset because we didn't have any friends, and she said that she used to complain to her bishop about that kind of thing, and every single time, he'd always tell her the same thing: Invite somebody to do something.

Two weeks ago, I probably would have thrown my hands up in despair and shouted, "But we don't have anybody to invite!!" But Sarah told us this when she invited us to go to lunch with her, telling us that she tends to spend a lot of time at home wanting some human interaction, too. And on top of that, while we were at lunch, Leia called, came to join us, and when she left, she said, "We really need to get together more often." And thinking about it even more, our friend who drives us to church has been pretty agreeable to invitations lately, too.

In other words, I felt like we were going to counseling for a problem that was practically solved, if we would just get over ourselves. As I talked to the counselor, and she would ask questions as we tried to identify the problem and what goals I might have in regards to solving it, the thought kept occurring to me, "But I already know the answer."

So, while we were both hurting, I felt know that one bit in Scrubs, where they're talking about pain, and they show the one guy getting a paper cut and complaining about how it's probably the most painful thing he's ever experienced, and then they show his wife glaring at him because she's in labor? I felt like the guy with the paper cut.

But on the other hand, I'm also very grateful that Sarah and Leia visited us when they did, because Sarah was able to show us the solution to our problem. We probably wouldn't have seen it as a solution if she hadn't said it when she did, and the fact that we were considering counseling had us thinking about it even more. I learned another lesson, too, which is that if you want to find the answers to your questions, the important thing is to start looking. Even if you're not looking in the right place, the answers have a way of finding you, just as long as you're looking for them. (I think of it like, "If the Lord sees you putting forth the effort, He'll show you the way.")

I'm also really happy because we discovered Columbo last night, and we finally bought tickets for Disney on Ice! The show that's coming to town this year is Dare to Dream, featuring Rapunzel, Tiana, and Cinderella! We saw a preview for it a few months ago, and it looks like they do some really cool stuff with Rapunzel's hair. When we got the email about tickets being on sale, we had the Koe no Ouji-sama version of "See the Light" in our heads all day.

Today I'm thankful for finding one of the answers we're looking for, a lesson on how to find more answers, getting to watch Columbo last night, having tickets to Disney on Ice (eeeeeee♥), and the super cute baby seal on our calendar for December (we're kind of afraid for it, since we watch Polar Bear Cafe).
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