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So I finished reading The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood and had a good cry, and Athena was practicing the concertina, and Page had immobilized me so I couldn't check the time on the clock. I wanted to get an idea of how much longer Athena would be practicing, and I had my phone right next to me, so I could have checked the time...but I didn't want to, because I knew that as soon as I touched my phone, it would start ringing. I stubbornly resisted, so the phone lost the battle of wills. It rang anyway.

Sure enough, it was the counselor calling to make an appointment. She sounded nice enough, and we made an appointment for today! Tadah! And so Athena and I have each had a session with the counselor, and it was pretty much the same as any time we talk to anybody. Only this time she was asking what our goals were in regards to it, and we're like, "Uh..." Basically, we just want everybody around us to stop being stupid. We didn't say that to the counselor, though, because the idea is that there's something that each of us can do to help us solve the situation without counting on others to do it.

An interesting thing to note is that, while we both went in separately, on comparing notes later, we discovered that we talked about almost exactly the same stuff. I realize that this doesn't really help our case when we try to tell people, "We do SO have our own personalities!" But it doesn't mean we have the same personalities--just the same trauma. It's like just because our whole family got evicted from our apartment in '93 because our landlord sold his house and needed a place to stay until his new house in Utah became available and he felt guilty about telling us so he waited until we only had two weeks to move out to tell us... Chances are if someone asked, "Is there a time when you felt betrayed?" Mom and Dad would both have that experience to tell about. That doesn't mean they have the same personalities.

Anyway, the more I talked to the counselor, the more I thought, "You know, I talked to Sarah yesterday, and she gave me some advice that already seems like it would be very helpful. Do I really need to spend time and (the ward's) money on a counselor?" And nothing the counselor said gave me any indication that having a therapist, in my case, is going to be any more necessary than just having somebody to talk to. And it's kind of depressing to think that the only person who'd listen to either of us is somebody who's paid to do it. (Although in the past, we have expressed a desire to see a counselor partly because their being paid means they won't be against me whining to them.)

I don't know. We'll talk to the bishop on Sunday, pray about it, and see if we want to keep it up.

Today I'm thankful for Mom being kind enough to drive us to see the counselor, finishing the first draft of our translation despite odd scheduling, getting to stop by the bank and deposit a check, not having to wait for the counselor to call anymore, and tomorrow being Saturday.
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