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Today has been a bit of a long day. We stayed after church to talk to the bishop, and when we were done with our appointment, we ran into Sarah, who was taking Logan out of Relief Society because he was being disruptive. Normally she drops him off at the nursery, where Mom and Steve are in charge, but he's not technically old enough to go in there, and Mom and Steve are out of town this weekend.

The only reason I even bring it up is that Athena had to call our friend to get a ride home (we asked Sarah, but there wasn't really room in her car today), and Logan saw her with the phone and immediately knew what he wanted to play with. So he took the phone from Athena and put it up to his face and started babbling. It was super cute, and we would have taken a picture except that the only camera was on the phone that he was playing with. (My phone had been left at home, because it needed to be charged.)

Today I'm thankful for our friend being kind enough to come pick us up from church, getting to talk with the bishop, getting treats in Relief Society, Page's dynamic posing (she looked like she was falling, but she wasn't), and cute telephone stories.
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