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Ooooohhh! (creepy ghost wail)

I was walking out of the kitchen earlier, and there, staring at me through the living room window, was a beautiful orange cat. I was kind of startled, actually, especially considering that we live on the second floor. I said hi to it, and Athena got up to see it, and then it ran away. I kind of hope it comes back, but I'd feel bad for it if it's a stray, so I hope it has a family.

Anyway, once again we are faced with a ward Halloween party, complete with costume contest. These are always a bit frustrating, because we have so many neat costumes but they never win anything because nobody ever knows who we're supposed to be. The really frustrating thing this year is that there are probably enough Naruto fans in the ward to at least get some recognition (if we had any Naruto costumes; they don't seem to watch much else), but not enough to win us anything. And I spent a lot of time and effort and money on these costumes, too! *pout*

Last year we thought of going as Legolas and Will Turner, but we didn't come up with the idea until it was too late to do it. Now we just can't afford it.

Athena thought it might be profitable to sell rubber stamps of the Konoha leaf and other symbols from Naruto on eBay or something. On the one hand, I don't know that Naruto fans are necessarily into rubber stamps, but on the other, fans spend all sorts of money on crazy things. It would be tough getting pictures of them, though, since we don't have a digital camera. Maybe we'll steal Sarah's.

Oh, if anyone's looking for a good series to have a Halloween marathon with, might I suggest Requiem for the Darkness (originally known as Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari, starring Toshihiko Seki) or Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl). The one came out a few years ago and is in current release in the states, and the other just started in Japan, so may or may not be available fansubbed (there'd probably only be about four episodes though). But both of them were all Japanese-ghost-story-like (Requiem for the Darkness is about a guy collecting ghost stories), so it would be like a multi-cultural Halloween.

Or so I would imagine after seeing only the first episode of each. We decided they may be a little too creepy for our tastes, though Seki-san is extremely adorable in Requiem for the Darkness.

And tonight I'm thankful for Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, double chocolate Hershey bars, and Riesen.
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