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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wouldn't you know it? We got a text from our friend last night saying she couldn't make it to the movies after all. She's moving in with her uncle, who was taking care of her grandmother until her grandmother recently passed away. And for some reason, people around here always move on holiday weekends. It's uncanny. But anyway, today's moving day, and so it is not movie day.

But that's okay! because we are being reminded once again of all the Stuff we want to do. Our power went out about an hour or so ago, for like the third time this week. Only this time, it was for longer than a couple of seconds, and so we had to find something to do that didn't involve getting electricity from the wall. We turned to our Nintendo DSes, and played Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. Somehow, the holidays always seem like a good time for Kingdom Hearts, after all. But due to the constraints involved in playing/watching games on handheld devices, we couldn't play for very long (mostly because this time I was playing instead of Athena, and I'm not used to holding the game at the right angle, so my head started hurting...).

And so we were like, "That was great, but when are we ever going to finish?" Especially since we just ordered Layton-Kyouju vs Gyakuten Saiban, which is going to be super awesome! but will also take more time.

I think I had something else to ramble about...oh yes. Durarara!!. We were browsing at CD Japan, and we were reminded that oh hey, they make Durarara!! stuff. So we checked to see if there was a character song album, and there was! Yay!

There was a review for it that wasn't too favorable. The reviewer said that the songs didn't seem to really fit the characters. So we were like, "What! We'll see about that!" And we sampled one of the songs! It was Masaomi's song, and it started out as this nice, ballad type thing, and I thought, "I can see where this may or may not fit Masaomi, depending on how you feel about the character. But if it suddenly changes tempo and goes all crazy, it would be totally Masaomi." And then it changed tempo and went all crazy! So we decided that we don't necessarily agree with the reviewer and will order the CD such time as we decide we can spare the money.

The problem! is Silly Symphonies. One of the reasons we were browsing CD Japan is they sent us an email with sale information, and we saw something about a free Disney blanket...? So we clicked the link, and it showed a bunch of Disney DVDs...including not one, but two Silly Symphonies collections! You can't get those here! We've tried! We even went back to the Disney Movie Club to see if maybe they were newly re-released, and no luck. But they're sooooo expeeeeeensiiiive... But we want them so bad! We need to see the cartoon with the giant that the desert-plant quilt in Storybook Land came from!

And so we can't order from CD Japan until we decide how much money we want to spend.

Today I'm thankful for great places to find hard-to-find Disney cartoons, MC 469MA, having a chance to play Days again, the power being back on (we hope the outage didn't completely destroy any Thanksgiving dinners), and having Layton vs Ace Attorney to look forward to.
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