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Thanksgiving plans

We have obtained batteries! Tadah!

Anyway, I'm a little bit conflicted because we've been invited once more to spend Thanksgiving at Sarah's in-laws' house. Of course we're grateful for the invitation, especially considering our habit of getting lonely and needing human interaction (other than each other), but we were looking forward to having our own little Thanksgiving dinner, with our Freschetta pizza and Baked Ruffles.

But since we've been invited, and we do like to interact with people (in theory), I wonder if maybe we should go. But when we're surrounded by people we don't know very well, we tend to hide in the corner...and thus continue to not know those people very well. That kind of thing is all well and good for Mom, who can hide in the corner with her knitting or crocheting and still be considered part of the group, but if we were to bring our own entertainment, even we would think it was rude. Books, manga, video games...we'd pretty much be shutting everyone out, and that is not nice. But if we don't bring anything, we'll be bored, because we don't have the guts to just go join a conversation. (And chances are if we were to try, we'd end up like Fluttershy--so quiet nobody can hear what we're saying, so it doesn't really make much difference.) And nothing is more lonely than being surrounded by people and still being alone. Even if it is our own fault, and even if there are two of us.

On the other hand, a friend of ours invited us to go to the movies with her tomorrow morning. That sounds like a fantastic idea, because we get a little bit of social interaction, with a small group of people that we do know, and we'll be at the movies in the morning, when everyone else is at home getting ready for their feasts. Then we can go home after the movie and have our own Thanksgiving dinner, and not have to worry about all the insecurities that go with attending (as a picky eater) a big social event that centers on food.

So I think I'm going to call Sarah and respectfully decline the invitation.

Today I'm thankful for kind Thanksgiving invitations, having batteries, cute little owl kitchen timers, peanut butter tarts (with chocolate ganache!), and the beautiful weather today. And the adorable little yipping puppy we walked by.
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