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We almost didn't update today, but then we decided to after all. The main reason we almost slacked off is that we have a lot of stuff that we keep trying to fit into the day, and updating LJ takes time away from doing that. But once we've finished dinner, it's pretty much a matter of, "What do you want to do?" "I don't know. What do you want to do?" And we were feeling pretty isolated tonight, so we figured we might as well update! Tadah! ...or something.

Usually when we're feeling isolated, we make up for it by watching TV, but we've been watching so much TV that it's not working anymore. So we wanted to play Super Mario Bros. Wii, but tonight we were reminded that battery power runs out, even if you're not using the batteries, and so our second remote was not responding to anything. The remote that does still have battery power is running out, too, so we better go to the store to get batteries pretty soon or we won't even be able to watch TV anymore! We'll have to just watch stuff streaming on the computer, and that's terrible for our posture. Not that lying on the couch is any better...

Anyway, we made it to a new ending sequence for Polar Bear Cafe, and it's super awesome! But I won't say who sings it, in case anybody hasn't gotten there yet and wants to be surprised. We also watched another episode of Say I Love You, and we're still not loving it, but it introduced some information that will make us either love the series a lot or hate it with a passion, depending on where they go with it. And it's always so nice to hear Sakurai-san playing characters with personality. (Not that his other characters don't have personality, but they all try to hide their personalities with angst, so. Except for Polar Bear, but he still doesn't count. Speaking of such things, we haven't mentioned how hilarious it is that the same guy plays Izaya Orihara and Penguin. Although it's also true that Izaya likes to goof around a little, so maybe it's not as much of a stretch as, say, Penguin and Tieria.)

Today I'm thankful for another super awesome ending sequence for Polar Bear Cafe, getting a shipping confirmation from CD Japan (if only we'd paid with a card; the exchange rate is awesome today (compared to what it was when we made the order and paid with PayPal; we could have saved like 80 cents or something!)), having had time to read manga, having had time to read novels, and being almost done eating all my Tootsie Rolls from Halloween.

But speaking of novels! We were watching Tiger & Bunny, and somebody mentioned somebody with a necktie, and the necktie was the person's defining feature. We were like, "Right, because glasses and a necktie really narrows it down. </sarcasm>" In the Japanese version, they specifically said it was a butterfly tie, and we were like, "Why didn't they just put it in the subtitle?" But now that we're more informed, we're also more understanding. (But also more like, "Guys, pay attention.")

See, we're reading Durarara!!, and when they describe Shizuo's outfit, they say he's wearing a butterfly tie, by which they mean a butterfly-shaped tie, i.e. a bow tie. So we have two theories. Either the translator looked it up and saw, "A bow tie? But he doesn't wear a bow tie!" and so just put necktie. Or the translator looked it up and wrote bow tie, and an editor saw it and was like, "A bow tie? But he doesn't wear a bow tie!" and changed it to just necktie. Now if only the translator had realized that he wears a necktie with a butterfly print on it...
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