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Our visiting teachers came over and asked if we had the week off, and we said yes, we make our own hours and we don't have a lot to work on right now, so we're taking the whole week! And they said, "Good for you! Take the whole week, and don't feel guilty about it!" And we were like, "...Why would we feel guilty about it?" If we were going to feel guilty about it, we wouldn't do it.

But we are still having trouble with time management. Seriously, where does all the time go? All we've done today is watch Polar Bear Cafe and Say I Love You. And Last Man Standing. Because we went to see if our Hulu queue had a new episode of Once Upon A Time, and it didn't, but there was a new episode of Last Man Standing. But the point is all we've done so far is watch stuff! And not even very much stuff!

Speaking of Say I Love You, we're not really loving it right now. But we do like Takahiro Sakurai and his iyashi-kei voice. So we're going to give it at least give it another episode. We relate really really well to the heroine...or we did for the first episode, then she started getting boy crazy. We can kind of understand why she got boy crazy, given the circumstances, so maybe it's just that we're even more bitter than she is.

Anyway. As we were updating today, I made another one of millions of typos, and we thought, "Hey, that's the perfect kind of thing for when manga characters aren't speaking a language very well!" So now we're keeping a list of those typos for future reference.

And we have a bunch of reading to do, so that's our random thoughts for today!

Today I'm thankful for getting to take the week off, getting to try a new anime this morning, getting to play the sentence-picture-sentence game last night (Celeste said we were cheating because we had dialogue in our pictures, but it never stated explicitly what the sentence it illustrated was!), having a lovely chat with everyone, and having notes for future manga characters that don't talk good Japanese.
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