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Last night we had just watched three episodes of My Little Pony, and we were ready to move on. But we were too lazy to get off the couch, so by "moving on" we turned to exploring Netflix to see what else might be worth checking out. I'd heard somebody mention the "Sherlock" miniseries to somebody, and since we have a miniature Sherlock Holmes kick going on, we thought we'd check it out. But we had to be careful, because we've only read one and a half of the Sherlock Holmes books, and we didn't know how closely the series would follow the books, and we didn't want to be spoiled. So we decided to watch just one episode, which was fine anyway, because those episodes are long, and we didn't want to stay up too late.

This new(ish) series it a bit of a modernization of Sherlock Holmes, which I think might not quite work for one main reason. Holmes is constantly doing experiments to figure things out in regards to forensic science. Back when the books were written, forensic science was a really new thing, so all of Sherlock's experiments made sense. On the other hand, in the modern-day series, it shows him experimenting to see how long it takes a dead body to bruise, and we were like, "Um, if Castle and Psych have taught me anything, it's that medical examiners already know that." So it makes Holmes' experiments seem more redundant than cutting edge. Of course, the main point of them in both versions is to show Holmes' eccentricity, so it succeeds, but it was still like "hrrm."

Other than that...well, I thought I was pretty good at separating things in my mind. This is a different version, so of course it's not going to be exactly the same, and that's okay. ...Is the attitude I thought I had with this kind of thing. I think it's the presentation. I feel like this series is portraying Sherlock Holmes as Sherlock Holmes, rather than as a re-imagined Sherlock Holmes. For example, in Psych (which Wikipedia told us was based in some degree on Sherlock Holmes) when Shawn gets something wrong, we're like, "Oh, Shawn..." But in this show, whenever Holmes is stumped, we're like, "Really? And you're supposed to be Sherlock Holmes."

There's even a little exchange in the first book where Holmes is telling Watson how all Watson's favorite fictional detectives are pretty much bungling idiots, and if he had had all the clues they did, he would have solved the crimes ages before they did. Not only that, but he always (by which I mean twice out of the two books we've read) knows exactly what the criminal looked like, and potentially what their name is, before he even leaves the scene of the crime. So in this show, where Holmes is always asking questions as if he sincerely doesn't know the answer yet... We kind of think the real Sherlock Holmes would be disappointed.

On the other hand, we can see where it makes for better TV to let the audience figure it out with the detective, rather than letting him figure it all out immediately... but isn't that what Watson is for?

Still, the mystery was intriguing and the characters were entertaining enough. And it was interesting how they made up a different crime, but still used elements of the crime in the book. But the fancy cinematography had us bored in some places. Not for too long, though. So overall, I think our impression is, *shrug*.

Today I'm thankful for the white chocolate peppermint M&Ms Mom bought for us (I told her she'd already paid us back for the candy corn ones, but she bought them anyway), getting to go grocery shopping this morning, having new pairs of fuzzy warm socks, Handa's ending theme in Polar Bear Cafe, and the yummy pizza we had for dinner last night.
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