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Wow, I seem to be having trouble with nerves, and it's been messing with my typing. We're working on translating Death Scythe 2 (we started it about a week ago and figure it would be better to finish it before starting a new book) and I have to go back and retype about every third word. It's kind of funny, sometimes, but I really thought I was better at typing. Ah well.

What I need to do is find something to calm me down to a point where I don't get a heart attack everytime I hear the phone ring or read an email that's actually addressed to me. I wonder if it's just that the living like a recluse thing is getting to me. Even when people are nice I have a (metaphorical) heart attack. And when we hear happy things about more work. And you can see I've gotten so paranoid that I have to put "metaphorical" in parentheses before "heart attack" under the superstition that failure to do so might actually give me a real heart attack. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*deep breath*


And today there's no Danny Phantom. How am I supposed to get my hit?
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