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We've had kind of a weird scheduling thing going on the last couple of days, which gives me the not-entirely-true impression that THERE'S NO TIME FOR ANYTHING!!!, which makes it impossible for me to think about anything but getting things done, and therefore it becomes very difficult to update LiveJournal. It was really very silly yesterday, because we didn't even work overtime or anything; we just did laundry. And since the actual doing of laundry only takes a few minutes (while the machines do the rest), it's really not a good excuse for not being able to focus. And yet. Today we're going to the temple, which means we really don't have much time for anything else (but that's okay, because the temple is good). We did have time to finish the rough draft of the Higurashi translation we're working on, which is good, because it's the last volume...or not, apparently, we came to find out. But it was sort of the last volume of the last arc, so we're glad we didn't have to stop work with only like ten pages left. There was this one page, though... Oh, it was awful. It took us a good twenty-minutes at least to finish, at a constant start-and-stop pace as we looked up almost every other word. And there were still a bunch of pages after that, but that page had sapped away so much energy that every time we turned the page and saw more stuff to translate, I was like, "Whyyyyyyyyy...?"

It's all good stuff, though. Maybe we should have taken a break after that one page and...oh wait, we did. (I was going to say that maybe if we'd taken a break, we would have enjoyed the afterwords a little more, but clearly that was not the case.) Ah well, I guess we never were so keen on translating afterwords, even though they usually have a lot of cool and/or fun stuff. The problem is, it's prose, so the translation is harder, and it's after all the story stuff, so it feels like we should be done. So then it's like, "Why am I still working, and why is it even harder?" Ah well. The point is, we've finished, so we're all ready to start on the editing phase tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that rough draft, still having time to work the concertina's bellows, having had time to read last night, not being killed by Frosted Mini Wheats, and having plans to go to the temple tonight.
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