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The Shire

We did some finger-painting on Thursday. It didn't occur to me until late last night that we could have taken pictures and posted them. Oh well. Of course we could still do it today, but stuff happened, so I'll talk about that instead.

We had called Celeste and asked her if she wanted to go to Denny's with us for Hobbit-inspired food, and since she was in town today, we went! Sarah joined us, and we all had hobbit food! Sort of. Technically, Sarah had Gandalf food, and I had...oh, I don't remember. I'm actually kind of amused at how little we know about any of the Tolkien world and yet how obsessed we were with going to Denny's for Hobbit food. We were a little sad, because despite the themed food, the restaurant was not themed at all, so we discussed opening our own restaurant called The Shire (I bet somebody already has one somewhere...), and instantly gave up on it when we saw a space for rent later and started discussing all the people we were going to need to talk to. We do happen to know a guy who runs a chicken farm, so we could get chicken, but all the other details are just too much trouble. Although, we do have an accountant, and Sarah knows a business lawyer... Nah.

We got four packs of trading cards, which meant one for each of us, but Celeste and Sarah let us have theirs, which is actually a little sad, because I think both of them have more of an interest in the Hobbit than we do (though in Sarah's case, it may be more her husband's interest), and yet I didn't think to say, "No, seriously, you guys. At least take the cards you earned!" Not that they really earned it; all they did was eat food, which presumably was not horrible. I think they said they liked it. At least, that's what they told the waiter, but maybe that's just a conditioned response when a waiter asks how you liked the food. I wouldn't know, because I only ever order stuff I'm planning on liking. There were some muffins at Mimi's Cafe that I didn't really like, but we didn't have any of the wait staff ask how we liked our meal then, so...

Anyway, after lunch, we went to a local bookstore for some shopping. It was a store that specialized in children's books, which was great, because we found some collections of folktales from other parts of the world. I may or may not have mentioned this before, but since we stumbled on some discussion on how fairy tales are so Western-centric, we thought, "But...there are folktales from other parts of the world, too, right?" They only seem Western-centric because the Western ones are the folktales that get movies made out of them. And so we decided to become experts on (or at least more knowledgeable about) stories from around the world! So we got a collection of stories from Africa and a collection of stories from the Far North. That's probably still Western, but since it's not European, I think it still counts. Unless by Far North they actually meant Russia... Maybe we should have looked at it more thoroughly before we bought it, but anyway folktales are cool, so it's not a big deal either way.

Then we came home, did some chores, and watched a bunch of anime. We're sort of addicted to Polar Bear Cafe, but we can only watch a couple of episodes at a time, because it can be very low-energy. As I type this entry, we're both displaying signs of restless leg syndrome, which I think is a good indication that we need some higher intensity in our entertainment. But not action stuff; that just puts us to sleep. Anyway, we're always eager to get to the next new ending sequence, so we want to watch a lot at a time, but it's hard, even though the show is pretty good. The sad thing is we have yet to get to a sequence that compares to the first one, Bamboo Scramble. But the title of the one we're on (ZOOtto ne) is awesome.

Today I'm thankful for getting to have a nice outing with our little sisters, not having to go ask the management to turn the pilot light on on our heater, having a carbon monoxide detector (at least I think that's why they replaced our smoke detector, back when they replaced it--so now it's a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, we think), having some shiny new books (that we may or may not ever find time to read...), and getting to another new ending sequence for Polar Bear Cafe.
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