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We were supposed to finish work early today, not late! Argh! It was all going fine until we found out that Dr. Irie was quoting Laputa. So of course we wanted to quote the official translation of the movie, but IMDb only has a few select quotes, and we couldn't be sure which dub they were from (although I'm not sure that particular point really matters; it's going to be a matter of conflict anyway, because some fans will prefer the one and other fans will prefer the other), and the only website where we could find the lines we were looking for was using a fan translation! Arrrrrgh!

And so, after lunch, instead of putting in music to listen to, we used our new computer's DVD drive to have Laputa playing in the background. I should have realized before we tried it, but dialogue is not nearly as conducive to concentration as music is. Fortunately, there was a lot of action, so hopefully the distraction wasn't too detrimental.

It was especially sad because the CDs we ordered like two months ago finally arrived (minus the one that made the order take so long; apparently our taste in music is way too niche), and it would have been nice to put in Kingdom Hearts Piano Solos.

Anyway. A few days ago, Legend Cards stopped working for a while, and we were wondering what we'd do if it had shut down completely. So we thought, hey, maybe we should look up Odin Battle. See, the reason we started playing Legend Cards to begin with is that we were researching that company's social games, because we were translating for them. Tadah!

So we've done some work for this company, Gloops, including Odin Battle, which has since been renamed to Warriors of Odin, and is totally available to play! ...on mobile devices.

And that's why we stayed up late last night trying to figure out how to get mobile games to work on our very stationary desktop computer. Chrome has an add-on (or is it called an app? I don't know!) that let's you switch users so it thinks you're on an Android or iPhone or iPad, and that works just fine, but apparently the Warriors of Odin app isn't available for Android in English (we managed to play the Japanese version, but only as much as necessary because the terms of agreement said we were supposed to be in Japan). And iTunes is set up so you can't use any app except on iTunes, and we don't know how to trick iTunes into thinking we're on a mobile device. Just Chrome.

So now we're sad because we can't play the game that we translated, even though it has a sword named after me! (It probably wasn't named after me, but it was named chronologically after I was named, and has the same name. Naturally, there's a whole set of weapons and armor for Athena.) Maybe we should think about getting a mobile device...

Today I'm thankful for a game we translated being on the market (it's free-to-play), finally being done getting those Laputa quotes, getting new CDs today, Page being extra snuggly, and having a Miyu Irino album.
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