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We think the E on the concertina is on the mend, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily sounding better. See, at first, it just suddenly stopped making any sound at all. Then, after trying to play the note several times, it made a kind of a faint whistle, that didn't really sound like an E, but that's okay, because now that it's making sound again, there's hope. Currently, it makes a kind of a whine that makes Page very nervous. I, on the other hand, think it's pretty amusing, so I'm not too worried about the thought of playing it over and over to get it back to its original concertina E goodness.

In the meantime, today has been a bit of an unusual day. It started when we got a phone call two minutes before our alarm went off. Mom left for Alabama to visit her family today, and she was under orders to bring as many pictures as possible. So she had asked us to find all the pictures we had with us (or anybody else in the family) in them, and this morning she came over before her flight so we could copy them all onto a flash drive. She came earlier than we expected. We suspect that this has something to do with the fact that Sarah was the one appointed to drive her to the airport, and Sarah gave birth to a morning person who (we found our later via Facebook) hasn't yet adjusted to the time change.

And so we had a visit from Mom, Sarah, Logan, and the baby Sarah sits for. Logan tried to wreak some havoc, but I think we were all pretty successful in keeping things intact. We gave him the toys we bought for him at Downtown Disney last week--a shape sorter (because every time we see him playing with stuff, he's putting things in other things) and a train made of blocks (because it's awesome).

Sarah was all like, "You don't have to buy toys for us," and we were like, "Oh, come on. You know us--we see something and think it would be awesome if somebody had it." Plus, we had actually sort of intended to buy those very things for him for his birthday a few months ago, so they're kind of just late birthday/early Christmas presents.

But what we forgot to mention was that we understand people keep giving them all kinds of stuff, and they might not have room for all of it, so they're welcome to leave the toys at Grandma's. So Sarah, if you're reading this, we won't be offended if you don't want to keep the toys in your own apartment (or at all, as long as you don't tell us you tossed them).

Page was very nervous about the whole affair.

Anyway, the rest of the day was kind of all jumbled around, because we found out that our ride to the temple did manage to get her tire replaced, so we will be going tonight. So we had to rearrange our schedule to make sure we're ready to go.

And finally, since this morning's visit reminded us of babies and pictures, here's one of Logan eating pie.


Today I'm thankful for having our temple plans all sorted out, being ahead of schedule on work (so it's okay that we didn't get much of it done today), concertina E progress, chocolate satin pie, and the fun episode of Castle this week.
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