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The further adventures...

Since there was a surprising amount of interest in our concertina adventures (by which I mean >0), I figure I might as well give an update. We think we may have worked out a practice system that makes everyone happy, including Page.

When we were practicing together yesterday, she started meowing like before, and then Mom called. So I took the call while Athena kept practicing, and meanwhile, Page once again looked very eager to go into the bedroom. I followed her there and started petting her, and all the meowing stopped. Thinking about it, the concertina can maybe possibly sound a little bit like a cat meowing, so maybe she was jealous of the attention.

We had only been practicing together because we were both so excited to have a concertina that we both wanted to see it in action, and we knew that it wouldn't be practical to keep taking turns practicing one at a time for a couple of minutes, so today we each took it for half an hour, while the other was free to read and give Page the attention she demanded. And so everyone was happy, and now we can each play a little over an octave. Tadah! (But the push/draw thing is still very very tricky.)

In other news, we saw Wreck-It Ralph last night, and I think overall we enjoyed it, but I had a hard time getting into it because the circumstances causing the premise seemed a little off. Maybe that's just me and my idealist tendencies. Also, there were a lot of times where it felt like nothing was happening, but I don't know, I think I felt that way a little bit the first time we saw Tangled. Maybe not quite so much, though. Anyway, final verdict: it's cute. We'd have to see it again to know for sure if we really liked it or if it was just okay.

Also, we both finished reading A Study in Scarlet, and I have stuff to say on that, but I think I will save it for another time.

Today I'm thankful for having a tentative concertina practice routine (we're not sure how it's going to work on days with work, and we still have to figure in time for me to practice the piano, since it's kind of my calling at church (only kind of, because at church I play the organ, which is kind of the same, but only because I don't fully understand how to play an organ)), the reason for Page's meowing not being because the concertina music hurts her ears, the yummy coffee cake we just had, the Wreck-It Ralph song, and having a new flavor of pita chips to try.
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