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Our concertina came yesterday! It's difficult to express how exciting this is in words, especially because we were just watching Polar Bear Cafe, so my brain is still a little focused on that, and moving a little slowly, because that show is really low-energy.

But we finally have a concertina! And oh my goodness, is it a tricky instrument. I think it's the most challenging instrument I've ever attempted to learn to play. It plays a different note depending on if you're pushing it in or pulling it out! You have to push the buttons on the sides of the instrument to make notes, and if the button is on the left side, the note will be higher if you pull, but if it's on the right side of the concertina, the note will be higher if you push! It will take a lot of brain training to be able to play it without messing up. Whew. It will also be a workout for our weak little arms, so we think it will be good for all kinds of self-improvement.

The concertina came with a tutorial which has been pretty helpful. We've only managed to make it through a few of the exercises so far, because after we were playing with it for a while yesterday (taking turns doing the exercises), Page just would not stop meowing. She seemed to think it was the perfect time to go to the bedroom and read some books. Or she wanted us to stop making such a confounded racket. We're really not entirely sure which. Either way, it was adorable. And either way, she's going to have to deal with it, because the note that came with the concertina said it's important to play it a lot for a few days to get it acclimated, since shipping and changes in air pressure and humidity will affect how it sounds.

Today I'm thankful for having an awesome concertina, the cute little black bears on our calendar for November, helpful concertina tutorials, getting to spend a little time working on Ascribe to Heaven today, and having plans to see Wreck-It Ralph tonight (so excited!).
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