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Mickey's Halloween Party

Technically, we might have should have gotten back to work today, but we had a bunch of odds and ends to take care of this morning (putting bills in the mail, paying the rent, etc.), so we did that, and by the time we were done, we were like, "It's too late to start working!" So instead, we resized photos, and used the super awesome photo gallery software that came with our computer! The red-eye removal function is amazing! (And especially helpful as we ended up with an inordinate amount of red-eyed photos. I almost wonder if our camera and computer were conspiring together... (Normally I would blame my poor photography skills, but many of the pictures were taken by non-me photographers, as indicated by my presence in them.))

First, a brief interlude to admire some carved pumpkins.


Now let's get back to our report. Previously at Mickey's Halloween Party 2012, we were talking to some cast members on Main Street's hub, and we left them. That's when we encountered...

Another Gaston!

Of course, our Gaston had to show him who's boss. As Gaston fangirls, I realized the potential benefits of having multiple Gastons to admire, but since there were only two of them and three of us, I decided not to push the matter.

We (and the other Gaston's friends) told them to fight, and they did, but unfortunately, none of us had cameras that could keep up.
So all the pictures are of kind of halfway fighting poses.

And here's them being friends (actually the first picture we took):

And my attempt at capturing surprise awesomeness by clicking away (but like I said, my camera was being slow; that's what I get for not waiting for the flash to be ready).

Finally, the Gastons traded sidekicks:
(The picture with the three of us and the other Gaston is on Belle's camera.)

The best thing about dressing up at Disneyland is the character meet and greets. But the line for the Disney princesses was super long, so we went to see the Pixar princess instead.
Gaston was upset because she didn't seem to recognize him. I think it's possible that she did, but in her attempts to stay in character, she didn't let on. He kept talking about being the greatest hunter in the world, and she was all like, "I don't know about that..." because she's Merida and Merida thinks she's the greatest archer in the world.

There was an extremely awkward moment when Merida, in her "let's not be all chauvinist" way, asked us what our names were. Inwardly, I was like, "Our characters don't have names! What do we do!?" Outwardly, I was like, "Uh...what is my name?" So she offered to let us have her brothers' names, and we were like, "Mmm... pass." I think this is another example of how feminism doesn't always "get" it. Why would I want a boy's name? Am I that desperate for an identity that I need to copy a boy? I can make up my own girly name thank you very much. (But obviously not on the spot like that.)

There were some amusing moments in line when a cast member told us Merida had to leave, but she was just feeding Angus, and she was going to be right back, so don't freak out. Gaston asked if she was going to be the same height when she got back, and the cast member was like, "I think so. Let's see...I'll walk over here and come back... I think I'm the same height." When Merida returned, Gaston was sure she was a little bit shorter (I'm not convinced, but I wasn't really paying that much attention), so one of the guests in front of us suggested that she had taken off her riding boots. Those guests also asked the cast member where his Scottish accent was, and he said, "Oh, I'm not from Scotland. I'm from [pauses to look at his nametag] Chino."

After talking to Merida, we did some more trick-or-treating. Our journey led us through Frontierland, where we went through the Golden Horseshoe, all decorated for Halloween. And Dr. Facilier's friends had stopped by to visit.

This was my favorite:

We only took pictures of some of the really awesome costumes. For example, we saw a couple dressed as the king and queen from Tangled, but since we were walking in opposite directions and we didn't really figure out who they were until right as we passed, and they didn't turn and look when we started squealing about them, we didn't get a picture. We did, however, get a picture of this super amazing Princess Aurora:

We didn't manage to meet any villains, because by the time we got to where they were (which was actually the very front of the park, which didn't really work for us, because we were already past that point by the time the party started; we had to ask around to locate them), it was almost time for the fireworks, and they left before the fireworks were over. On the bright side, while we waited for the fireworks to start, we got to talk to a family with super cute kids. The mom and grandma were impressed by Gaston's singing (he sang his lines from the song "Belle," which was pretty awesome, because there was a young woman dressed as Belle just a few feet away), and then their little Cinderella wanted to sing, but was too shy to sing loudly enough for anyone to hear her but her mom, but she was still cute.

After the fireworks, we headed to Fantasyland to see if the princess line was any more tolerable. It kind of was, but the very helpful cast member informed us that the princesses would soon be leaving for the parade, and would not be back until after the parade. So we were welcome to wait in line, but there would be a long gap with no princesses. He was also extremely apologetic when he informed us that Belle would not be returning.

The place where they had the princess meet and greet set up was actually a perfect spot to watch the parade from, so we decided to settle down and watch. Some guests came by dressed as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, and we saw them walk to the edge of the meet and greet area and kind of look over, and I was like, "That's the behavior of someone trying to figure out which princesses are available to meet." So I went to them and told them that the cast member told us that Rapunzel would be there after the parade. They said (half-sarcastically), "How did you know that's what we wanted to know?"

So we watched the parade, and they did not have the Grand Marshall car, but they did have the fire engine carrying what appeared to be guests, so we were like, "Hrm." But oh well.

He's dressed as Prince John! (Except not liony.) We figure all the costumes at the shop are ones from the various other parades and shows.

For example:


That's about the closest we got to the official Belle all night (but there were plenty of other Belles to harass, so...). It was after this picture that the camera informed me that the memory card was full. So I had to delete some pictures so we'd be ready for our princess meet and greet.

When the parade was over, Ariel, Cinderella, and Rapunzel came along to greet guests for the rest of the night. They were all very nice, and didn't rush anyone along, which meant that while Ariel was meeting with the first groups, Cinderella and Rapunzel had nothing to do. So we got to watch Rapunzel kill time. She said to Cinderella, "Cinderella! Let's pretend that the red bricks are hot lava, and if you step on them, they'll burn you up!" (I didn't take a picture, but the place we were had red and blue bricks, and probably pink and other colors, but we never really took note before, and it was dark.) Cinderella said woefully, "I can't see!" Rapunzel thought she was talking about the lighting, because it was kind of dark (lit with amazingly real-looking fake candles), and Cinderella had to explain, "No, I can't see my feet because of my skirt!" Meanwhile, Rapunzel was tiptoeing around off the red bricks. It was awesome.

Finally we made it to the front of the line, where we were greeted by Ariel. As soon as she saw us, she said, "Oh, I wish Belle was here!" which made Gaston very happy. He complained to every one of the princesses that Merida didn't know who he was. His frustration was reinforced by other cast members, upon seeing him, informing him apologetically that the rum was all gone. No, he's not a pirate. Gaston prefers beer.

Anyway, he informed Ariel that the three of us were Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Ariel was like, "Oh, I hope I'm not Thursday!" And he said, "Well, I am looking." She asked us where we were from, and I said, "Central California," then, remembering my character, "...or France." Athena pointed out that they both have lots of vineyards, and Gaston just kept talking about his castles.

Right, he had made it a thing that he had taken over the Beast's castle, so he kept telling the cast members and characters and Belle cosplayers not to believe that propaganda that Disney's putting out there. The castle is his. He even tried to convince Merida that he should have her castle, and she was like, "Nope; it's already taken."

So we had a good time talking with Ariel
And Gaston said she was much nicer than the last time we'd talked to Ariel. And she said, "Well, I've changed." Bwahaha.

Then we went to see Cinderella. (This is the photo where I first started fixing red-eye.)
I don't really remember a lot of what she said, unfortunately. All I remember is that when Gaston complained about no one recognizing him, she was very diplomatic and said, "Well, Gaston does have darker hair." Athena seems to remember her complimenting our costumes. She was very nice, too. I feel bad for forgetting what we talked about.

We had to wait a little while to see Rapunzel, because the group ahead of us wanted to take individual pictures--each one of them with her. They had some pretty neat costumes, though, I guess, so it's okay. I guess.

Now I have to try and remember what we talked about with her. Probably Gaston commented on her hair.
Oh right, she talked about how the girls in the village were getting very creative with the braiding. Of course, Gaston mentioned how Merida didn't recognize him, and Rapunzel said in a scolding tone, "Merida...!" And then Cinderella called out, "Rapunzel, I knew who he was!" Gaston also said he was looking for a Thursday, and so Rapunzel was like, "No, thanks..." then she called out to everyone around, "Is anyone interested in this strapping...?" (then she was at a loss as to how to describe him.)

Of course the princesses were all like, "No, I'm good," (only more princessly), but perhaps you will remember the Rapunzel/Flynn Rider pair I mentioned earlier. Flynn volunteered. We had discussed earlier our opinion that Flynn and Gaston might hit it off surprisingly well, but not that well. Gaston turned to the official Rapunzel and said, "Isn't he with you?" and she was like, "That one's not mine!"

We ran into the couple on the escalators to the parking lot later, and we waved to them. Gaston said to Flynn, "Call me!" and Flynn's like, "Yeah! My number is 555-5638!"

Oh right, and because Rapunzel wasn't posing in that picture, we got another one.

By the time we were done talking to all the princesses, the party had been over for about half an hour (and they were still hanging around to talk to the rest of the guests in line! all three of them were awesome on so many levels). So we headed down to Main Street, where we got to have the cosplayer bonding that had so far been missing from the evening.



And of course, we took the obligatory commemorative Mickey pumpkin photo:

Finally, as we were heading for the main gate, we saw this girl, who we'd been seeing throughout the night. Something about her costume, and especially her skirt, was really really familiar, but none of us could quite put a finger on where we'd seen it before. So we did the sensible thing and asked her who she was dressed as. As soon as she said it, we were like, "Of course! Of course of course of COURSE!"

She's the girl in that portrait on the Haunted Mansion! In the portrait, she's holding a parasol, looking kind of dazed, and then as the room stretches, the portrait stretches to reveal that she's standing on a tightrope over a pit of alligators. So we made sure to wish her luck with those alligators as we bid her farewell.

The next day, Gaston and Alice used their annual passes to spend some more time in the park while we did some shopping in Downtown Disney. We went into Little Miss Matched for the first time, and discovered that they sell all their socks in sets of three. Not three pairs--three socks. That's awesome.

We walked over to a bin with a bunch of scarves in it, and as we were noticing a pretty interesting scarf that looked like an origami paper chain (made of knitted chain links), one of the employees came over and informed us that all their scarves were about $20, and they were on sale two for one. So we each got a chain-link scarf! Yay!

And then we came home and crashed. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for easy to use photo editing software, finding out that Dad didn't suffer too much from the hurricane, another fun time at Mickey's Halloween Party, chain-link scarves, and having lots of yummy candy to look forward to.
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