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Busy-ish weekend

The last couple of days haven't really been too busy to post, but they sort of have been a little. Except for the couple hours yesterday we spent playing video games.

This weekend was stake conference, and we had a visiting general authority who is really interested in the young single adults, so we had a young single adult choir! Yay! We were pretty excited about it, but it wasn't as fun as we thought. The choir director seems like a pretty nice lady, but we had some disagreements about how a choir should be led. And we didn't get to joke around with the rest of the altos like we usually do, which was a bummer. Still, it was nice to sing pretty arrangements of hymns.

So yesterday we were busy with rehearsing and then chores, and then we played video games, and we had a session of stake conference. Afterward, we went to the bishop's house for cake and ice cream, and that turned out to be pretty fun at the end, because there were a few people playing with the piano. I wanted to play with the piano too, but I always shy away from that kind of thing, because I only know two pieces, and when I'm playing on a piano that's not my own, I know them even less.

But as we were about to leave, we ran into the people who had been playing with the piano, and we commented, and one of them was like, "All our skills combined aren't as good as one of you." We ignored the part about how only one of us plays the piano, and I said I don't think I'm that good while Athena said, "You're still better than me!" I mentioned that I wanted to play too, but I only know two pieces, and one of the guys was like, "Yeah, everything I know is from video games or anime, so no one really recognizes it." And we were like, "!!!"

So Athena said, "Show 'em what you can play." And I sat down and started playing Melodies of Life from Final Fantasy IX...which took me several attempts because, as I stated earlier, the piano wasn't mine. But eventually I managed to play the intro, and a little bit into the verse, when he finally figured out what I was playing and I couldn't for the life of me remember the next chord. Then he went back to the piano and we played Name That Tune while he played every video game theme he's learned. He was like, "See if you can guess this!" and played the theme song from Kingdom Hearts, and we were like, "Who do you think you're talking to?" It was interesting to note that when we started singing the song, the bishop's wife immediately made the connection, "What is that, a Disney song?" We were like, "Kind of."

He was sure no one would recognize the inn music from Final Fantasy VII, and to be honest, we weren't sure which Final Fantasy it was from, but we definitely recognized it as Nobuo Uematsu inn music. Then his friend played a piece that nobody else they knew ever recognized, and Athena correctly identified it as being from Castlevania. Tadah!

Then after a few more, he was like, "Okay, one last one. It's not from a Japanese game, but you'll know it!" So he started playing and we were like, "......?" And he got to the end, and gestured liked, "Come on, you know it, right?" And we were like, "......" And he was like, "Halo!" And we were like, "Yeah, see, we told you we only know Japanese games."

Then today was stake conference, and the choir did pretty well, I think, but probably could have done better maybe, but who knows? And then it was off to Mom's house for Kimee's birthday dinner! Yay! We actually had a present for her, because a few weeks ago, she was telling us what a hipster she was (she really is, too--she's always listening to obscure indie music and stuff), so we told her we'd get her some hipster glasses, and she was like, "Okay, cool. I was thinking of being a hipster for Halloween." Then we gave them to her, and she was like, "This is good because my other ones broke!" and we were like, "I thought you didn't have any, but...all's well that ends well!" And we had strawberry cake that was good because it tasted like crunchberries.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play video game Name That Tune, getting a ride to the ice cream social, the earthquake not being very severe last night (oh; apparently it was a 5.3, which is fairly strong, but everyone seems okay, according to what we've heard), having a good time at Kimee's birthday dinner, and having a lovely time going on a walk with Mom, Celeste, and Sarah.
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