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It's official!

We can now officially write a Japanese PS2 off as a business expense.

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, because while buying it would save us money in the future, we can't save money if we don't have money. It's actually a little frustrating. Over a year ago, when the Saiyuki fighting game gave us the motivation to buy a Japanese PS2, we had the money, but by the time we'd turned in enough translations to justify buying the system and the game, we were catching up with Japan in all our manga translations and Steve had proposed to Mom, so we knew we'd need money for rent in the near future.

So we waited, but then rent and taxes and AX prevented us from having the money for new DVDs, let alone new video game consoles. And we still don't have the money. But now we have the justification, so if we could just get the money, that Playstation will be ours.

So... anybody want a nice Halloween costume?
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