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We have plenty more time today, so we can talk about the last volume of Negima!. I'm not sure we have a whole lot to say, but we'll just start talking and find out.

First, we knew via Anime News Network that Ken Akamatsu said in his "word from the author" that the series could start up again in the future, but we figured we'd get the details later, so we didn't know any of them until we translated this volume. When we read his comments, it hit us how long he's been working on this series. We thought about how bored we get when we've been working on the same title for too long, by which I mean usually about two weeks. And then we get really frustrated with life and desperate for a change. Akamatsu-sensei had been working on Negima! for nine years. Nine. years.

When we thought about that, we were just grateful he stuck with it as long as he did. Sure, there are still a ton of mysteries...and come to think of it, I don't think a single one of our major questions has been answered. But it was a fun journey, and at least it ended at a reasonable place to end.

I just want to say that I think Ken Akamatsu is a sadist. But it's probably less sadism and more clever marketing. He's planning to get back to the series at some point in the future, so he can't just answer the one question that's foremost in everyone's mind. He has to give them a reason to read the continuation when it eventually shows up. It's like the one time we were at Disneyland with friends, and we wanted to make sure they stayed to watch the fireworks, but one of them got a massive headache, so they had to go back to the hotel to rest. They suggested getting ice cream before they left, and we were like, "No! Don't get ice cream! You need some incentive to come back and watch the fireworks!" But they got ice cream anyway, and they did not come back, and they deprived themselves of the best fireworks show I have ever seen. Disneyland fireworks just aren't the same anymore.

Anyway. I think what makes it a little extra cruel is that they specifically got Negi to admit there is a girl that he's kind of more interested in than the rest. I kind of agree that it wouldn't be right to force him to talk, but...but... I'm also kind of with Haruna.

Moving on, from the scene where Ayaka takes Asuna to see the time capsule to the time Asuna runs into Chao, the tears just wouldn't stop. Awww, it was so sad and so touching. (Okay, actually, the tears did stop, because as soon as Asuna ran into Ayaka's great great great granddaughter, it was quittin' time, and we had plans to go to the fair.) And then they went back to show how sad Konoka and Negi were to see Asuna leave, but it wasn't as heart-wrenching, because we knew she was coming back at that point. (Technically, we knew all along that she would be going back, because time travel had already been introduced as possible in this series, but still.)

So here are the questions we still have. Seriously, who does Negi like? Is Chamo actually Nagi? Is Nekane Arika? ...Those are the main ones. Yeah, I think those are the only really big ones. Oh, and why was Evangeline turned into a vampire? And what is the deal with Satsuki? And hey! No fair telling us there are twin princes and not showing us what they look like! And of course we're curious about all the incidents mentioned in the newly updated class roster. I'm especially intrigued by Sayo's story. There's no telling where Akamatsu-sensei will pick the story back up from, but the fact that he didn't go into much detail on those stories indicates that he maybe hopes to tell them someday?

Well, I think that about covers it.

Today I'm thankful for being blessed with the opportunity to translate Negima!, having time to do some extra chores today, being done doing extra chores today, catching a dash chocobo in Type-0, and getting to order season six of Psych yesterday (so excited!!!).
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